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Which editor in Russian to use instead of Canvas?

Western sanctions have a serious impact on the activities of ordinary Russians in all areas. Many foreign companies froze their activities in Russia and closed/restricted access to their services for Russian citizens. Canva was no exception.

If some of the readers are not in the know, this is a well-known raster design service from Australia. Something like Photoshop, but all the work is done online. Moreover, the services of the popular service were used not only by amateurs, but also by professionals. For example, it was used by SMM managers to create images for posts.

Now Canva is blocked and many don’t know what to do. After all, user templates remained there, not to mention paid subscriptions.

We decided to show you how to replace the Canva editor. There are three good alternatives. They will be discussed below.


This is a great alternative to the Canva program. The Russian analogue will allow you not to worry about the loss of a popular editor. Supa is used to create graphics and videos for social media. The service has a clear interface, and there are thousands of ready-made templates for use.

The Russian analogue of Canva also works only online. Its services can be used by both small organizations and large companies. You can work for free, but a paid subscription will expand the functionality of the service and allow you to use video materials.

With a paid subscription, the functionality expands and you can work with video.

There are a lot of static images here, but the main purpose of the service is animation with video. You can set links that function in the landing mode. Everything you need to work with images is included. You can download them as much as you like, regardless of the chosen tariff. The restriction applies only to video. The free plan allows you to download a file with a Supa watermark and a 480px quality. But gifs are available only on a paid basis.


For beginners, the “Free” tariff is recommended.

Its capabilities:

  • Storage – unlimited
  • Video – resolution 480p., Maximum length – 40 sec.
  • Templates – unlimited
  • Content Library
  • Number of downloads – no limit
  • No Supa logo on images

For advanced users, the Premium plan is recommended. Here, downloading audio and video is added to the possibilities of the free plan, as well as:

  • Logo disappears in videos
  • The length of the video increases to 1.5 minutes.
  • Video resolution is 720p

Monthly price – 990/590 rubles. when paying per month/year

Professionals can use the Premium Plus plan. Here the video resolution rises to 1080p, per second. 60 frames, the history of changes becomes available and it becomes possible to download custom fonts.

Monthly price – 1 690/990 rubles. when paid monthly/yearly.


TOP-3 analogue of the service Kanva in Russian.  Canva Alternatives 2022 - Wilda - photo

This is the last analogue of the Canva service in Russia in Russian. The interface is simple, but basic functions are provided to all users. The main direction of Wilda is the creation of layouts for printed products. However, clients are given the opportunity to work on images for social networks.

You can download information in four formats:


The situation is different from the two previous editors. Users can work in the editor for free and create images without restrictions. The service charges only for downloads. The price depends on the number of downloads. One download costs 150 rubles, and disk space is given 50 MB.

Further respectively:

  • 3, 210, 100
  • 5, 250, 150
  • 10, 300, 200
  • Unlimited, 399, 300
  • Unlimited, 999, 400
  • Unlimited, 3 599, 500

As you can see, the greater the number of downloads, the lower the cost of the service and the more disk space provided.

Now you know what to use instead of Canva if your access to this service is blocked.

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