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What is Zero-code in simple words

Modern Internet technologies bring people closer to information resources and at the same time determine the further development of society. They allow you to create webinars, video conferences, forums, chat rooms and chatbots, web servers, websites, applications, e-mail and much more. We are already taking advantage of many of these opportunities.

In this article, we want to understand such a technology as Zero coding, understand what it is and how it is used in practice.

What is Zerocoding

Let’s take this word apart. All modern people use some kind of applications, and open websites on the Internet. However, only a small part of society knows that there are codes inside them. For them, this is a special set of commands, but for uninitiated people this is an incomprehensible text. It is from the codes that the sites and applications that we use are created.

Move on. Coding means programming with code. That is, a specialist, using codes, develops programs (applications, operating systems, websites, etc.). Therefore, programmers are often called coders, and what they do is coding.

Zero is zero. Therefore, a zero code means zero without a code. It turns out that zero-coding is programming without codes. That is, ordinary people who do not know programming codes and create websites or applications are zero-coders. They are provided with ready-made elements (codes are hidden in them), blocks, and from them simple users develop the products they need.

What is and where is Zerocoding used in simple words

Benefits of Zerocoding

Technology can be useful for those who:

  • Can’t write programs. Using nocode services, any network user is able to create a business card website, assemble a mobile game, set up sending various SMS messages
  • Knows programming codes. If a programmer is going to create a complex application, he can make the job easier by rapidly prototyping using zero-coding. It is shown to the customer, and those will be specified. exercise
  • Going to start a startup. Before developing a new product, you need to find out if users need it. To do this, its prototype is created in order to show the target audience, get feedback and recommendations from it.
  • Want to save money. Companies with a limited budget may not use the services of web designers, programmers and pay them a salary. With the help of No-code services, you can quickly assemble the desired IT product. You just need to learn how to use a particular service.

What is and where is Zerocoding used in simple words

Where is Zerocoding used and services for its creation

The main application is marketing channels:

  • Marketplaces
  • Email newsletters
  • Mobile applications
  • Landings
  • Chatbots
  • Forums
  • Subscription clubs
  • Online shopping

Now you know where IT technologies are used and how Zerocoding is used.

What is and where is Zerocoding used in simple words

Services to create

Here are some popular services for Zerocoding:

  • Tilda. This is a website builder with a large number of ready-made templates and blocks. The service allows you to create functional landing pages
  • SendPulse. An excellent platform for developing chatbots and e-mail newsletters in auto mode in messengers. It is possible to set up a chain of messages that brings the client to the purchase
  • Glide. Using platform templates, you can develop web pages that mimic the work of a mobile application. It is possible to create an application by uploading information from Google Sheets
  • Bubble. Another constructor that allows you to develop web applications from ready-made blocks. You can use the service for a personal unit, a beauty salon or a store
  • Integromat. The constructor is designed to integrate multiple services. To do this, you need to move the balls in the structure, as well as prescribe scenarios
  • air table. A service that helps users work with tables. They can be connected, transfer information from one to another

What is and where is Zerocoding used in simple words

As you can see, there are quite a few services that allow you to create demo products in various areas. Because the solutions are different. Some need to collect data and process it, other users need to work with interfaces, others need to interact with users.

You have received a little information about Zerocoding and now you know what this technology is and what it is in simple terms.

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