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Tru U Live FRAUD reviews and withdrawals


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As you know, not every company is worthy of cooperation with a client, because, as evidenced by the extensive number of reviews on be-top.org, there is simply a huge number of rather fraudulent offices that attract attention to themselves only with cheap and banal promises that are not supported by anything, and many of them invented by the office literally on the go. But, there is also that category of companies that are even too lazy to invent something and somehow surprise users, all that such projects are capable of is to create a colorful banner with a login and registration form, this is where all the efforts of these projects end, as and their budget for the development of such sites. In today’s article, we will talk about a similar company called Tru U Live, which has recently begun full-fledged operation on the market, but has already become a rather negative character in the responses of traders dissatisfied with the cooperation.

Tru U Live contacts

As we mentioned earlier, the service presented is quite cheap, so he didn’t even bother to mention any available ways to contact him and his staff. Even a trite form of feedback, which is created in a matter of minutes, is apparently beyond the power of Tru U Live, which makes us think once again about the quality and alleged professionalism of this office.

Site review tru-u.live

We won’t have to talk about it for a long time, since we have already revealed the general features of this resource. Tru U Live did not leave a single information section on the site, if it can be called such, of course, that could at least somehow describe the general provisions of this project and tell all the details of cooperation with the company.
Broker conditions Tru U Live

Having studied Tru U Live reviewsor rather the dozen complaints that are available on the feedback sites, it is fashionable to compile a small list of the main trading assortment that this site promises to use already upon the start of cooperation with the client:

  • convenient and extremely easy-to-use trading platform;
  • the presence of welcome bonuses for each client, including beginners in the amount of an increase in the deposit in the amount of 100 to 150%;
  • a small number of available trading accounts, which are divided into types depending on the complexity, as well as the abundance of their content;
  • quite loyal trading deposits, the minimum threshold of which is 10,000 euros;
  • minimum commissions;
  • systematic assistance and advice from experienced traders, as well as analysts of this project;
  • all the necessary tools for high-quality and profitable trading;
  • an extensive list of available assets, which includes cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, metals, raw materials and others;
  • available affiliate program;
  • the use of the latest technologies in the process of providing clients and their funds with the maximum level of security;
  • available additional tools, such as an economic calendar, as well as a small profitability calculator, which, of course, considers everything with a clear exaggeration;
  • a small trading glossary, which includes mostly the most superficial and most used trading terms.

The presented services are fabulous promises of the office, which it gives at the beginning of cooperation with naive clients and immediately forgets about them, pretending that everything is in order, while simultaneously draining all the hard-earned funds of its users into their offshore accounts.

Exposing Tru U Live

To begin with, in order to really recognize a fraudster in the presented project, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the nature of his reputation, namely, to study the feedback on the presented project, in which customers often mention not the most positive aspects of the company. These include, for example, the negligence and incompetence of the personnel of this project, its systematic rudeness with users, the lack of adequate technical support for the service, as well as quite frequent delays and freezes in the process of processing trade transactions of traders, which simply cannot but affect the success and the final result in the activities of the clients of the office. Also, it is important to indicate the absence of any documents with which the office would prove its reliability, transparency, as well as the legality of its actions, which just raise quite a few questions. This project did not provide not only such necessary and mandatory documents as a license or a certificate from the relevant regulator, but this site also forgot to mention the banal ones: the Privacy Policy, as well as the Client Agreement.

Tru U Live FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

How to withdraw money from Tru U Live

If we use logic and analyze all the previously mentioned provisions, in particular, the rather negative trading results of the ex-clients of this project, it becomes quite obvious that, firstly, the office Tru U Live is a scammer and a brazen scammerand secondly, the project Tru U Live does not withdraw moneybrazenly deceiving its users.


Summarizing everything that was previously mentioned, we recommend avoiding cooperation with Tru U Live and similar sites, since all this can end very badly, and first of all, it is unprofitable for the traders themselves.

Possibility withdraw money with Tru-U Live not confirmed.

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