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Trading Capital FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


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Today’s hero of our article will be another non-brokerage site that tries to pass itself off as a successful and profitable service that devotes all its efforts to the systematic improvement of its project, but in reality it is just a cheap scammer that does not have a single real professional offer for its clients. . We are talking about a project called Trading Capital, which began its operation not so long ago, but has already become quite discussed and not without reason, since it has all the signs of fraud and they appear quite often in the process of cooperation with clients, which simply cannot but affect receiving negative results by users. Before describing all the provisions that cause a sufficient number of doubts regarding the quality and professionalism of the presented resource, we will consider all the basic principles and aspects of the activity of this project.

Company contacts Trading Capital

In this section on the site, the office left only a feedback form, thanks to which you can allegedly directly contact the site staff, as well as the legal address of the broker PO Box G44, 61 3/2 61 Croftside Avenue, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, G44 5LA.

Website review trading-capitalfx.com

It is simply impossible to call what this company presented as a full-fledged website, because although the external design may somehow hint at this, the information content absolutely crosses out all the statements of this office regarding its quality and influence. To be more specific, this resource contains the most superficial and most generalized facts that describe only the general picture of trading as such and do not give any details regarding the work of Trading Capital and all the features of cooperation with it.
Trading Capital Broker Conditions

  • low spreads;
  • round-the-clock support from professionals in this field, including experienced traders, as well as market analysts;
  • available leverage up to 1:1000;
  • an affordable service for copying trades of more professional traders;
  • lightning-fast execution of trading orders, which is carried out in milliseconds;
  • absolutely free market analytics, as well as access to all necessary analytical tools;
  • fully automated trading platform with the ability to install it on any device available to the client;
  • clients are provided with more than 150 professional and quite effective trading instruments;
  • in the arsenal there is also an economic calendar and a profitability calculator;
  • the presence of a loyalty program, thanks to which users can receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit;
  • for training clients are offered online seminars, where the best traders of the market will teach;
  • there are more than 5 accounts in the public domain, each of which contains the number of tools and functions that are responsible for a certain level of training of clients in real trading;
  • having a demo account;
  • a huge number of available assets, ranging from commodities and indices, to currency pairs, as well as shares of large companies.

Trading Capital FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Exposing Trading Capital

What to prove that the office Trading Capital is a scam and a scamwhich simply cannot call itself a successful and profitable service, it is worth mentioning a number of the following, quite important provisions for this:

First, this reviews about Trading Capital, that is, the main part that makes up the image of the project. To say that these comments are negative is to say nothing, because the number of complaints about this project has not been received by any office that would really be at least a little useful for clients. In their responses, users most often complain about the site not prepared for real trading, its systematic freezes, a minimum of useful functions, rude staff, as well as extremely incompetent specialists whose help can only lead to losses.

Secondly, an important part of any brokerage project is its legal basis, which should confirm the reliability, transparency and legality of such sites. In the case of Trading Capital, apparently, this is not the most important point for it, since the broker did not provide a single authentic document that could somehow hint at not only reliability, but in principle the legality of its actions, which can be quite negative affect the results of cooperation with the company in the future.

How to withdraw money from Trading Capital

According to dozens of articles on the be-top.org website, such a function for withdrawing profit is the key to the operation of any financial platform. But, there are such “exceptions” as, for example, the hero of our today’s article, since Trading Capital does not withdraw moneywhich is proved by the clients themselves and their unprofitable trading results, which indicate that the broker brazenly robs its naive users while they, being confident in their guaranteed profit, continue to invest in any offers of this scammer.


Summing up the final line, it is necessary to emphasize once again that the Trading Capital project cannot in any way call itself a successful and high-quality brokerage service, since it has no grounds and no evidence of this. That is why, we strongly do not recommend any interaction with the presented project, since the probability of being left with a significant minus in the budget is quite high.

Possibility withdraw money with “Trading-Capital” not confirmed.

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