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TOTAL RESEARCH FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


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The company we are talking about today is engaged in a fairly rare type of trading activity that is not so common on the market. More specifically, the presented project works with such products as industry and macroeconomic research, as well as information and analytical support. Speaking in a simpler and more understandable language, then this project plays the role of a kind of adviser and professional analyst who can help in understanding the general economic situation in the country, provide a list of the best companies that are most efficient and profitable in cooperation, and will also notify clients in in real time regarding the latest developments in the financial markets and how they will further affect the overall trading process. It would seem that such a service is really quite useful and a necessary detail for successful trading activity, because without high-quality analytics it is quite difficult, but in the case of the hero of our today’s article, namely the TOTAL RESEARCH office, everything here is not as beautiful and fabulous as it describes this site. In fact, this service plays the role of another fraudulent office, which hides fraudulent intentions and not the most positive actions towards its customers behind a huge number of beautiful and promising words, the purpose of which is to significantly enrich themselves at the expense of naive and gullible customers.


  • Location of the company: Moscow, nab. Presnenskaya, d. 6, building 2
  • Contact phone number: +7 (800) 444 80 65
  • Support email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.

TOTAL RESEARCH FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Website overview total-research.com

The mentioned service provided its users with a rather weak web resource, which absolutely does not fit the description and status of a truly high-quality and successful office, which allegedly provides its customers with exclusively proven and most professional services. This can be said both by looking at the visual part of the presented service and its information content, which is extremely weak and does not represent anything concrete and even more useful for customers who want to know more details before starting cooperation with this project.
TOTAL RESEARCH Broker Conditions

Considering that this office does not tell much about itself and its services, not much information can be provided regarding cooperation with it. All available data can be compiled in the following, rather limited list:

  • the office provides reports on the company presented to it and how effective it is for cooperation and investment in its proposals;
  • the company also helps to simplify the process of perceiving the information flow through its visualization, namely the development of appropriate graphs and statistics that would help customers understand this or that information more easily;
  • customer support works around the clock;
  • the site is also aimed at analyzing various economic sectors, which will help determine the best areas for investment;
  • affordable partnership with additional income;
  • a fairly large number of company partners who contribute to the improvement of the analysis process;
  • available free consultation from experienced specialists of this service;
  • individual approach to each client and development of a personal strategy for successful earnings.


In order to verify the fact that the office TOTAL RESEARCH scammer and scammer, it is enough just to consider the following facts about the main aspects of the activities of the company represented. It’s worth starting with the reputation of this service, and more specifically, they can tell a lot company reviews TOTAL RESEARCHthat leave her ex-clients. In these responses, one can find repeated mention of the negligence and rudeness of the project staff, their incompetence, as well as a rather weak understanding of how exactly such a project should work. Also, in addition to the inappropriate status of a professional platform for servicing, clients add constant problems with their personal account, which is sometimes simply impossible to log into. It is also worth adding to the list of shortcomings of the company that it does not have any documents that could confirm both its existence and the legality of its actions, namely a license or a certificate, the presence of which is mandatory on the sites of this kind of offices.

How to withdraw money from TOTAL RESEARCH

Considering not the most positive reviews about this service, it is not so difficult to conclude that the office TOTAL RESEARCH does not withdraw moneybecause this is also indicated by the rather negative trading results of clients that they present in the comments.


Summarizing all the above provisions, as well as taking into account similar responses on the be-top.org website, the result is quite obvious regarding the fact that this project is just another and rather new fraudulent technology to increase offshore balances of similar projects , but not to help traders who are trying to figure out which area is worth investing their money in. Given this, we strongly advise against interacting with this project in any way, and even more so, investing your own funds in it, since you will not see any benefit and corresponding services for these investments.

Possibility withdraw money with “TOTAL RESEARCH” not confirmed.

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