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They want to allow to contribute up to 3 million a year to IIS, but without the right to buy foreign securities

In addition, in the wake of recent problems, the authorities may retain the right to deduct when transferring IIAs to another broker.

The authorities have been looking for a way to reform the investment tax deduction system for several years now. As part of it, a personal income tax payer can return part of the tax paid if he uses an individual investment account (IIA). At the same time, on the IIS of the first type, you can receive a deduction simply for the amounts deposited on it – the main thing is to keep them on the account for at least three years. According to IIS of the second type, the entire amount of income is exempt from tax.

Such accounts have several restrictions – first of all, the deposited amount cannot exceed 1 million rubles per year. A group of deputies with the participation of Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma profile committee, prepared a bill that will increase the maximum amount of the annual contribution from 1 to 3 million rubles.

It is important that the authors do not propose to increase the maximum amount of the deduction for IIS of the first type – it cannot be more than 400 thousand rubles a year. That is, you can deposit up to 1 million per year, but the deduction applies only to 400 thousand rubles of this amount. Apparently, the innovation will be aimed at investors with IIA of the second type – they will receive tax exemption on income from investments in IIA. But the share of such accounts is insignificant – less than 7%.

Another innovation – IIA owners want to prohibit the purchase of foreign securities. The industry believes this is done to protect holders of securities in the event of sanctions. For example, investors are now facing problems in receiving payments on their foreign assets due to restrictions at the level of clearing systems.

In this case, those who buy securities of foreign issuers actually operating in Russia – Yandex, Ozone or X5 (if they do not change jurisdiction to Russian) through a broker on IIS, may suffer. Now the foreign assets of IIA owners account for about 16% of the portfolio.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank intend to introduce another amendment to the Tax Code – maintain a tax deduction for investors when transferring assets between different brokers. This is probably due to the recent problem of Alfa-Bank clients – investors could not transfer their IIS to other brokers, because the bank offered to sell all assets and withdraw funds from the account for this (one person cannot have two IIS at the same time). In this case, the investor would lose the right to a deduction, and if he received the money at least once, he would have to return it.

If the proposal of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance is accepted, this problem will not happen again.

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