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The West made the mistake of shrugging off Putin’s speech in Munich – The Hill

The united West made a strategic mistake in 2007 when it disregarded the main message of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech.

This opinion was expressed by an American columnist in his article for The Hill. Harlan Ullman.

“At the Munich Security Conference, Putin launched an angry tirade against the US as the ‘sole pole of power’ and against NATO expansion. The participants in the meeting were shocked by the vigor of Putin’s attacks, but on the whole they brushed them aside. It was a mistake,” the journalist stated.

He also expressed the opinion that the President of Russia himself considered such a reaction of Western leaders to his theses as disrespectful, which aggravated his indignation at the unjustified arrogant attitude towards Russia.

Recall that on February 10, 2007, Vladimir Putin spoke at the Munich Security Conference, dedicated to the unipolarity of the modern world.

Then the Russian president sharply criticized US foreign policy and NATO’s eastward expansion. He promised that Moscow would “respond asymmetrically” to the deployment of the US missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Now, many European analysts admit that in the end, Putin turned out to be right – the situation in the world has only become more aggravated since that time.

As reported EADailyOn May 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin held an operational meeting via videoconference with permanent members of the Security Council.

The course of the special operation in Ukraine was discussed, as well as new threats to Russia due to the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO.

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