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The Ministry of Natural Resources wants to keep tariffs for garbage collection according to “conditional” standards: what does this mean

Instead of actual volumes, Russians and businesses will have to pay according to certain calculated standards and further.

Waste reform in Russia started on January 1, 2019. Its essence is to exclude the appearance of unauthorized landfills and increase the efficiency of waste disposal. Before the reform was approved, it was estimated that about 90% of all waste was lost irretrievably, although most could be recycled for reuse.

Also, the waste reform involved the creation of operating companies that form differentiated tariffs in their regions. In fact, it turned out that the tariffs for garbage collection increased significantly, and people do not pay for the actual volume of exported waste, but for the estimated. And if last year there were hopes that the standards would be revised, now it is this calculation method that was proposed to be finally approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

In particular, the Ministry of Natural Resources has developed two regulations that will make it possible to finally switch to a settlement system for setting tariffs for garbage collection. Moreover, the department wants to count not actually incoming waste, but “planned for receipt” and their “projected mass”. It is also proposed to create an interdepartmental commission that will function under the Ministry of Natural Resources and monitor the correct implementation of new standards.

The Ministry of Natural Resources explains its position by the need to form a plan that regional operators can rely on. According to the department, this measure will accurately determine the amount of waste and correctly distribute the load on existing enterprises. But the implementation of such an ambitious plan will require state funding in the amount of about 500 billion rubles.

Recall that, according to current regulations, Russians must pay separate payments for garbage disposal. The cost of services varies depending on the number of registered residents and the approved tariff for the removal of one cubic meter of waste. Thus, the Russians do not pay for the actual amount of garbage removed, but calculated volume based on average statistics in the region. Because of this, the cost of services can vary greatly – up to tens of times in different cities and regions.

The main claim of Russians and business representatives lies in the counting rules. After all, regional operators are starting to inflate the cost of garbage collection services several times for ordinary citizens, and dozens of times for entrepreneurs. The same is said by experts who do not hide their surprise at the current reform. Indeed, in its essence, the volume of garbage should have decreased, but it turns out exactly the opposite – and it is more profitable for regional operators to remove more waste (and earn more on it).

Interestingly, the prosecutor’s office also pays attention to the activity of regional operators responsible for garbage collection. Obviously, despite the result that the waste reform should lead to, the current option is unprofitable for operators. Therefore, they can increase the estimated volumes by forming payments at inflated tariffs.

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