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The Best Online Vkontakte Advertising Courses 2022

In the 21st century, advertising has become commonplace. It can be seen in newspapers, on the covers of magazines, in television programs, on the pages of websites on the Internet. Experts in the field are highly valued. However, there are many types of advertisements. You can note the media, contextual, viral, teaser, etc.

Below we will talk about targeted advertising. More precisely, about training in advertising targeting in VK. We will offer you 10 courses from 8 platforms for consideration.


The first course of the online platform for the VK target is a joint product developed with the VK team. It was launched in the summer of 2022, is called “VKontakte Promotion” and lasts 2 months.

Training is recommended:

  • Marketers. You will expand your existing skills, learn the life hacks of experts. As a result, you will become a sought-after specialist
  • SMM specialists. You can get or upgrade skills in SMM that are in demand in 2022
  • Businessmen. You will understand how to organize the work of the VK online store, find new consumers, increase profits

After completing the training, you will be able to turn the social network into an effective sales tool. During the course, you will be taught how to create engaging posts, run targeted ads, and find customers on VKontakte.

After the end of the course, you will always have access to the course materials.


TOP 10 online courses on targeted advertising on Vkontakte 2022 - GeekBrains.

GB also offers targeted VK advertising courses to listeners.

“Faculty of Targeted Advertising” is a 12-month training for citizens who want to get acquainted with the world of marketing.

Students are offered 3 formats of training:

  1. Classic scheme. Audience for the group and teacher
  2. Online webinars
  3. Learning from video tutorials

The course is recommended:

  • Newcomers. You can learn a new profession to become a sought-after specialist in the market
  • Marketers and SMM specialists. You will be able to optimize the budget for an advertising company, improve project performance
  • Business owners. You will be able to independently create targeted advertising on the social network and get new customers with it

GB states that if a student does not find a job 9 months after the end of the course, the company will refund the tuition. That is, the platform guarantees employment.


TOP 10 online courses on targeted advertising on Vkontakte 2022 - Netology.

The course “Targetologist” from the company “Netology” is adapted to modern realities. All students will be able to begin activities in a new specialty already in the process of learning. In almost 5 months, you will learn how to set up advertising not only in VK, but also in Yandex Zen / Direct, Twitter, myTarget and TikTok. The course fee also includes the launch of test advertising campaigns.

Training format:

  • Recorded video lectures
  • Webinars
  • D / z with a check

The course is suitable for beginners, digital professionals and entrepreneurs. You can learn a profession from scratch, expand your knowledge about targeted advertising and independently find buyers in social networks.

The online school provides employment assistance.


TOP 10 online courses on targeted advertising on Vkontakte 2022 - IRSAcademy.

Targeted advertising for promotion in VK involves studying at the IRSAcademy school. The online course consists of 11 lessons and 20 hours of lessons.

It will be useful:

  • Marketers. They will be able to better understand the social network, which will allow them to quickly rise in their careers.
  • Businessmen. You can solve advertising issues on your own, without resorting to the services of marketers and SMM specialists
  • Administrators. You can post interesting content in VK groups and attract new users with ads
  • Newcomers. There is an opportunity to master a profession in demand

Webinar training. You watch one lesson weekly, do d / c with feedback (at two expensive rates), you have the right to communicate with experts and use the help of a coordinator, and at the end of the training you defend your own project.


TOP 10 online courses on targeted advertising on Vkontakte 2022 - BeonMax.

Targeted advertising on VKontakte and training for promotion are offered by the BeonMax platform. The course, which is 7 video lessons and 5 practical tasks, will allow you to work as a targetologist and set up VK advertising in the future. In addition, you can get a job as a traffic manager or Internet marketer! In other words, wherever clients from the network are needed, and they are needed everywhere, you, as a universal specialist, can easily find a job.

The course is intended for:

  • Young women on maternity leave
  • students
  • Freelancers
  • Businessmen who want to independently promote their product
  • Novice marketers
  • Anyone interested in online advertising


TOP 10 online courses on targeted advertising on Vkontakte 2022 - Teachline.

If you want to turn into a pro and quickly promote VK products, sign up for the VK Promotion Online Intensive. The course involves distance learning in video format. The training consists of four modules. These are 17 lectures in the range of 10-40 minutes and 3 webinars of 1.5 hours.

The passage of each module ends with final testing by leading marketers and SMM specialists from TexTerra.

Training guarantees work:

  • In the state of well-known companies with large projects. But you can work remotely
  • At the forefront of marketing. Social networks are now the best place to attract customers.
  • Highly paid. Not right away, of course. But having gained experience, you can apply for prestigious positions.

These were VKontakte target courses.

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