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The baby got sick: how is sick leave paid for child care in 2022?

In April 2021, a new law 126-FZ was adopted, which amended the payment of sick leave, starting from January 1, 2022. There is such a procedure that all sick leave certificates are issued only in electronic form, but there are some exceptions.

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How is average daily earnings calculated?

To calculate disability benefits when caring for a sick child, the average earnings for the last 2 years are taken. To calculate the amount of sick leave in 2022, the 2020 and 2021 calendar years are taken as the base.

Example: Sales Manager Sevastyanova M.A. received income subject to insurance premiums (salary) in 2020 in the amount of 150,000 rubles, in 2021 – 180,000 rubles. The average daily earnings for two years is 452.05 rubles.

However, there are limits to the average earnings. Based on the minimum wage in the amount of 13,890 rubles, the average daily earnings cannot be less than 456.66 rubles. Therefore, when calculating the sick leave, this amount will be taken into account.

There is also a cap on maximum earnings. – it cannot be more than 2572.60 rubles.

Stationary or laboratory?

For a child under the age of 7 (inclusive) it does not matter whether he was treated in a hospital or at home. In addition, to calculate the sick leave for such a child, the experience of his parent is not taken into account. Any nursing leave is paid at the rate of 100% of average earnings. And for older children with outpatient treatment, payment occurs as usual – depending on the average earnings and length of service in the first 10 days, subsequent days are paid at a rate of 50% of the average earnings.

Example: The average daily earnings of Sevastyanova M.A. is 500 rubles. Son is 9 years old. She spent 14 days caring for the child. The amount of the sick leave will be:

(500 × 10 days) + (500 × 50% × 4 days) = 6,000 rubles.

If the child were less than 7 years old, then the temporary disability benefit would be 7,000 rubles (500 rubles for 14 days).

How many days of sick leave to care for a child is a parent entitled to per year?

There is a maximum number of days in a year that the FSS will reimburse for caring for a sick child. The duration of this period depends on the age of the child, the disease and the presence of a disability.

For children under 7 years old guaranteed payment is provided for no more than 60 calendar days, for diseases included in the List of the Ministry of Health and Social Development 84n – this is 90 calendar days.

Reference: in this list includes oncological diseases, severe injuries, diseases of the respiratory tract (for example, asthma, tuberculosis), nervous, cardiovascular systems, skin diseases, chronic diseases.

When caring for a child from 7 to 15 years you can count on 45 days, including no more than 15 for each insured event.

If a teenager over the age of 15 falls ill, then a sick leave certificate is not issued for inpatient treatment, and for outpatient treatment, you can receive payment only for 30 days a year, and for each insured event – no more than 7 days.

To pay for the entire period of care for a sick child without restrictions, parents of a child under 18 years of age from the following categories can count:

  • disabled child;
  • HIV-infected;
  • on diseases associated with complications after vaccination;
  • with oncological diseases.

Five major changes in 2022

As of January 1, the following changes have been made:

  1. The doctor issues only electronic sick leave certificates. Paper will no longer be accepted. If a parent needs a sick leave, the doctor will only announce the number of the electronic document. You can track its status in your personal account on the State Services portal.
  2. The obligation of the employee to write an application to the accounting department of the organization has been canceledwhere he works, with a request to pay sick leave for a child. The employee only reports the number of the temporary disability certificate in any way convenient for him: by phone, by corporate e-mail, in person.
  3. Instead of the invalid statement the employee fills out the “Information about the insured person” form. This is done once, then the insured must transfer the document to the FSS.
  4. Reduced sick leave processing time and transfer it to the FSS – from 5 to 3 business days. The Social Insurance Fund must calculate and pay temporary disability benefits within 10 days. The entire amount of the benefit is paid at the expense of the FSS.
  5. Caring for a child up to 7 years sick leave is paid at a rate of 100%, regardless of the length of service of the parent (guardian).

When calculating the amount of sick leave, district coefficients are still taken into account.

How to fill in “Information about the insured person”

The employee fills out the form and hands it over to the employer, and the latter’s duty is to send it to the FSS. To fill out you will need information:

  • Full name of the employee, date of birth;
  • passport details, TIN and SNILS number;
  • bank card details “Mir”, if the payment will be transferred to the card;
  • the detailed address to which the money order will be sent if the employee decides to receive benefits by mail;
  • contact phone number.

Information is filled in block letters, in each cell you need to put down one letter or number. At the bottom, you need to put down the signature of the insured person and the date of filling.

How to check sick leave status?

In order to be able to track the status of the sick leave at the moment, you need to register in your personal account through the State Services portal. Entering it, the tabs “Disability sheets” – “Benefits and payments” are selected.

Here you can see a list of all disability certificates by date. The first in the list will be the last by date. The main codes that a beneficiary can track are:

  • 060 – when the insured (the organization where the insured person works) submitted the documents to the FSS;
  • 080 – allowance has been paid.

The scheme for assigning benefits is as follows: the medical institution transmits information to the FSS about the purpose of the benefit – the fund informs the employer – the latter sends the necessary package of documents – the FSS calculates the allowance and pays it.

If the benefit does not comethen most often this happens if the employer did not transfer information on time or incorrect bank card details are indicated.

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