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The Central Bank listed the advantages of a “deal with the regulator” for violating insiders

The agreement with the regulator will allow Russian companies and individuals to avoid a number of administrative measures for violation of anti-insider legislation. The regulator announced this in a press release. Among the measures that financial market participants will be able to avoid are the issuance of orders, the suspension for violators of trading on […]

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IKEA sued for violating consumer rights

The Public Consumer Initiative sued the IKEA group of companies on July 6. The organization asks the court to recognize the actions of the Swedish company as unlawful.

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Gazprom explained to Europeans how to pay for gas without violating sanctions – Bloomberg

Gazprom sent letters to European customers saying that a new presidential decree of May 4 “clarifies the procedure” outlined in the original document on gas payments in rubles. According to Bloomberg on May 7, in the letters the Russian supplier is trying to assure European consumers that they can pay for gas without violating sanctions. […]

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