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Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

Carefully! Swych CORP is suspected of fraud!

To throw naive and gullible newbies for money on the net often does not require enough intelligence, imagination and large financial investments, for this it is enough to make a series of cloned scams, launching them one by one on the Internet. It is enough to fill such fake template sites with beautiful offers to attract the attention of newcomers from the network, successfully pocketing their funds.

An example of a typical cloned scam created to swindle money out of ordinary people is Swych CORP. Even from the design and content of the office’s website, you can understand that it is a stereotyped swindler stealing money, respectively, the Swych CORP scam should be bypassed. These scammers only know how to extort money and nothing more, you can’t even count on their legal work.

Briefly about the work and offers of the stockbroker

Considering the presented company and its work, also studying the current offers for traders in the course of the Svych KORP review, it turned out to find out the following necessary data:

  • profitable transactions can be made completely safely;
  • quotes to customers are provided as accurate as possible;
  • the firm provides the best analytical and graphical tools;

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

  • you can trade from a computer or mobile devices;
  • you can find different working conditions and tariffs on the site;
  • the company guarantees its users complete security;
  • the exchange trader gives access to the best world markets, offers technical support around the clock;
  • the stock trader promises traders prospects for career growth;
  • the company seeks an individual approach to each client;
  • immediately after registration and replenishment of the deposit, the client will be able to start trading;
  • on the site you can get high-quality charts, analytical materials, use various calculators and indicators for free;
  • the company has been serving customers for the fourth year, and also offers to use 248 tools in the work;
  • the office offers clients the latest economic news, as well as real-time quotes;

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

  • There are 3 trading accounts available to users, the initial deposit amount is $150;
  • trade execution is as fast as possible, leverage can be extended up to 1:500;
  • users can use the services of insurance or deposit protection;
  • user support is personal, customers will be able to work with assets of six classes.

Like all typical scammers, the company on its website presented the address without the entrance and office numbers, because it really does not have a residence permit, and the scammers also lied about their work experience and three licenses, respectively, and only negative reviews about them appear on the network. Real reviews about Swych CORP clearly confirm that it is dangerous to contact this company, because it was created to deceive and steal other people’s finances.

Why is it dangerous to work with Swych CORP?

After checking this broker and its basic information in detail, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that Swych CORP are scammers engaged in deception and theft of other people’s money. The real facts indicating the dishonest intentions of this office are as follows:

  • the contact details of the site are protected from copying, which is often done by scammers to avoid unnecessary checks;
  • the address of the office is incomplete, it does not match the real location of the crooks;

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

  • license numbers on the site are fake, this office has not even received a license from one regulator;
  • the statistics of the office are fake, crooks recently bought out a domain with experience in order to successfully breed ordinary people;
  • the trading conditions at the office are kitchen, described in the same way as for dozens, if not hundreds of similar scam projects;

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

  • the scam is similar to such fraudulent sites as WorldEU, BWB International, GentsDeals, Active Resist, fake brokerage houses ETF Corp, Cidma CORP, Investgeo24, Aglo Trade and others;
  • very little is known about the data terminal, which characterizes typical crooks using fully managed software;
  • traders will not be able to withdraw funds from Swych CORP, because the rules of the project are described in such a way that clients remain powerless in everything, and the office can lure out additional commissions and payments at its own discretion.

Checking this project allows us to understand that it is one hundred percent a typical cloned scam launched by crooks to lure finances out of clients, which scammers have previously done on other projects.

Such cloned sites are created by Ukrainian scammers from the Dnieper and, there are already a couple of hundred of them, and they launch resources to replace one another, as the old sharashka offices lose their reputation and gain negative reviews.

Information about the official website of the office

As the check of this exchanger showed, the project is a typical cloned scam, but a review of the official website of Swych CORP allowed us to find out the following additional information:

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

  • the address of the newly minted scam on the network is https://swychcorp.com/;
  • data on the launch time of the resource – the site was created on December 4, 2015, but the current heroes bought it on May 13, 2022 (they bought the domain for the period until December of the current year);
  • data about the owner of the resource – actual information about the owner of the site is hidden;
  • contacts and communication with traders – the office offers clients to order a call back, provides the address Hammerring 80b 2332 Oberndorf bei Salzburg, also phone +49 (0) 8073490886, e-mail [email protected]

The set of contacts is the same as that of other crooks, but they will definitely not conduct real communication with customers here.

What they write in reviews about Swych CORP

Although the scam in question is quite young, reviews of Swych CORP can already be found on the net. Talking about the experience of cooperation with this office, people immediately warn that cooperation with scammers will bring big losses, so you should not believe the beautiful tales of these crooks.

Swych CORP is a new creation of serial crooks

There will be many more such template scams on the network, because serial crooks are not going to give up their favorite business, so vigilance is important at every step.

Used sources

In the course of writing this article, information was used from the official website of the broker in question, additional data was obtained from the websites vklader com, www reg ru, www cysec gov cy, www cbr ru, www fca org uk, www google com, rating-market com, otziv -broker com, scaud info.

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