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Study: half of Russians will earn more than 100 thousand rubles in at least 12 years

Depending on the region, the median salary can reach 100 thousand in 6 years, or maybe in 20 years.

Rosstat reported an increase in the average nominal salary per employee to 49,000 rubles (after deducting personal income tax) in 2021. But there are quite a few complaints about the average salary indicator – it depends too much on the salaries of the few who receive significantly more than the average. Therefore, to assess the real level of income, the indicator of the median wage (and the median income of the population as a whole) is used.

The median salary is the level above and below which the same number of employees receive. According to RIA Rating, now the median salary in the country is just over 36 thousand rubles a month. There are differences across regions: in 3 subjects the median salary is above 75 thousand rubles, in another 5 regions – from 60 to 75 thousand rubles.

RIA Rating experts considered how long will it take for median salaries in Russia to reach 100,000 rubles – that is, that at least 50% of employees receive more than 100 thousand per month. For this, the average wage growth rates by region over the past 5 years were used, and too high wages in some regions were recalculated at purchasing power parity.

The conclusions obtained are:

  • so that the median salary in Russia exceeded 100 thousand rubles, you need to wait another 12-13 years;
  • in 30 regions it will take more than 15 years, in Kabardino-Balkaria this will happen in almost 20 years, and in Chechnya – after 22 and a half years. It will take more than 19 years to increase the median salary to 100 thousand rubles Ivanovskaya and Kaliningrad areas;
  • Median salaries will reach RUB 100,000 the fastest in YaNAO – it takes less than 6 years. It will also happen quickly Chukotka and in Magadan areas;
  • in a number of regions, the average salary is already nominally over 100 thousand rubles, but due to higher prices, workers there actually receive 55-70 thousand rubles a month;
  • the important role is played not by the amount of salary, but by the speed of its growth. So, the Kaliningrad region is not the most depressive region, but it ended up at the end of the list precisely because of the slow growth of wages, wages in NAO, KhMAO and Chechnya. At the same time, wages are rising rapidly in Amur region – through the construction of several large industrial facilities. Wages are also rising rapidly in Kemerovo regions, republics Altai and Dagestan (although in the last two the standard of living leaves much to be desired).

Among other things, this allows us to understand how the minimum wage will increase in the future. So, the minimum wage is calculated as 42% of the median salary for the year before last (although it can increase beyond that, as in 2022). Respectively, in 12-13 years, the minimum wage in Russia will reach 42 thousand rubles This is even less than the average nominal salary now.

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