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The President of Russia, starting his speech at the Victory Day parade, said: “Defending the Motherland, when its fate was being decided, has always been sacred.” And these words are not just a tribute to festive rhetoric. They are an accurate reflection of the essence and scale of the events taking place today. It is becoming increasingly clear that the “conflict” in Ukraine and Donbas is of a civilizational nature. This is a direct clash not only with Ukrainian Nazism, but also with its Western patrons, who need the maximum weakening, and ideally, the destruction of Russia in order to achieve world domination, for a decisive step towards building a unipolar global world order. Therefore, the Russian NWO is not just one of the local “episodes” of world history, but its certain milestone, beyond which a new era will begin (and is already beginning!) A qualitatively different state of the entire world civilization.

Today, Russia again, as in the last century, has to take responsibility for the course of world history, to establish new starting points for it. Let us recall that the entire 20th century was, by and large, the Russian century — all of its most important, decisive events took place in our country and with us. It began with the First World War and the revolution, shook the world. In the middle of it, in snow-white fields near Moscow and in the trenches of Stalingrad, decided the fate of all mankind. And it was with the collapse of Russia – the USSR that this century, in fact, ended. A new era has begun, which the collective West hastened to declare “the end of history.” Apparently, someone there really wanted to impose on humanity an uncontested “development program” in an accelerated mode and for this to deprive all non-Western “partners” of ideological, political and historical subjectivity – and above all Russia as the civilizational core of the Russian world and one of the pillars of Christian civilization in in general.

And today, on its historical, southern Russian lands, Russia must fight not just to ensure its security, but in fact to preserve its state sovereignty, to preserve the Russian world as a cultural and civilizational community that has made a huge contribution to world culture and human development. Moreover, the defense of the Russian world today means the defense of the very foundations of European civilization, its traditional values, the defense of Christian culture as such. This is the modern mission and spiritual justification of Russia. And so the president rightfully spoke about her “sacred protection”, about the “righteous battle for Russia.” Yes, it is Russia that is now the main obstacle on the way to the final “overcoming” of Christianity and the “dehumanization” of man in order to establish a new world order in which globalists could impose their will on all mankind. And those rulers of the collective West, who before our eyes are turning the current European “post-Christian” civilization into openly, even defiantly anti-Christian, are also aware of this. And they are already openly talking about the need to destroy not only Russia, but also the Russian people.

Thus, through the lips of the Polish Prime Minister, it was stated: “The Russian world is a cancer that poses a deadly threat to all of Europe. We must completely eradicate this monstrous ideology.”. Generally speaking, if such statements need comments, then perhaps “the word of Comrade Mauser.” They just need to be taken into account. The only thing worth saying, perhaps, is very familiar speeches. And a completely recognizable type of thinking, characteristic of the rabid leftist Trotskyists, on the one hand, and the finished Nazis, on the other. The only difference is that instead of the Russian world, some called the “exploiting capitalists” a cancerous tumor, while others called Jewry. Well, they tried to “extirpate”, of course. Until they themselves are “extirpated”.

And, by the way, since the Polish leadership has long been known for its whining and attempts to moralize about Russian “aggressiveness”, “seizure of foreign lands”, then, without even remembering the oppression of Ukrainians and Belarusians in the East Slavic lands included in the newly created Polish state, it is permissible, probably , ask: what, did Poland refuse donated Stalin originally German lands? Didn’t high-moral, European-civilized Polish citizens move into German-owned houses? Didn’t you lie down, without blinking an eye, in the beds “expropriated” from the Germans? However, to hell with him, with the Polish leadership. It is just one of the mouthpieces of the Russophobic globalists, who have now switched to open “incitement of Russophobia”, which was also mentioned in the speech of the Russian President.

And we, who belong to the Russian world, need to clearly understand what those who want to “completely eradicate” it are. This is especially important now that they have taken their long-standing undeclared hybrid war against Russia into a hot military phase, using the puppet Kyiv regime with its phantom pain-fantasies of the return of the “occupied” Crimea and Donbass. Ukronazis, Azov militants (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) and other home-grown Ukrainian Russophobes of the Bandera spill, and in general the whole project of independent Ukraine – anti-Russia – this is only expendable material designed to draw Russia into an existential confrontation, defeat in which will lead to its destruction as an independent subject of history and culture. And, accordingly, to the disintegration of the Russian world, the transformation of the Russian population into a shapeless mass, devoid of a spiritual core, convenient for biosocial experiments stewards of the new world order.

That’s what the stakes are today. And they are not raised by us. Russia has never aspired to “global leadership” (= world domination), but it has never surrendered to the “mercy of the victors”. Fighting now. And not just with the collective West – this is, in fact, a pseudonym that does not contribute to certainty, a clear vision of who you have to deal with. A fairly abstract, basically geographical concept that does not adequately reveal the spiritual, metaphysical content of the force that Russia is opposed to. This becomes especially obvious when you see with what zeal the collective West and the Kyiv regime under its control are trying to use the Russian NVO to split the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Therefore, proceeding from the fact that it is necessary to call a spade a spade, since confusion in concepts inevitably leads to confusion in thoughts, and confusion, ambiguity in thoughts leads to confusion, inconsistency and erroneous actions, it should be said that, having started a military operation on Ukraine and Donbass, Russia has entered into a direct confrontation with the “deep state” of the collective West being built global empire of lies. An empire whose rulers strive for world domination, for the most complete control over all spheres of human life. And ultimately – to the destruction of his personality and the transformation of humanity into an easily manipulated biomass.

Today this empire of lies provokes an escalation of hostilities, pumping weapons to Bandera’s fascist Ukraine, does everything so that as many Ukrainians and Russians as possible die, in order to inflict as much spiritual and material damage as possible on the Russian world that opposes it. But it has long been waging war – an undeclared hybrid war aimed at destroying the fundamental foundations of human culture, the very existence of the human race. It cannot be otherwise, because empire of lies – Destructive and anti-human in nature. It is fruitless and can only parasitize, destroying and destroying everything that makes a person a person – the family, morality, religion, the education system, art, even language as a form of expression of thought and emotional experiences. It destroys, discredits and undermines traditional values, ridicules ideals, primitivizing and vulgarizing, polluting the language, provoking the unbridledness of everything basest in man, pushing him into irreversible bestiality.

Today, this empire is already openly proclaiming and forcibly imposing a “cancellation culture”, which, in fact, is nothing more than culture cancellation of culture i.e. actually human in man. And now the Russian world is the main obstacle in the way of this “cancellation”, the last bastion of European Christian culture, not captured, not “cancelled” by the empire of lies. And the President of Russia directly said that “we will never give up faith and traditional values, from the customs of our ancestors.” Therefore, even today, as has happened more than once in history, the struggle for the Russian world means the struggle for Truth, and, therefore, by and large, the struggle for the freedom and future of all mankind.

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