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Sherin spoke about the possible response of the Russian Federation to NATO provocations

A NATO division will be stationed in Estonia. Britain agreed to provide her with an additional brigade. The decision to provide this kind of “protection” to Tallinn was made at the NATO summit in Madrid, said Kalle Laanet, Minister of Defense of the Baltic state. What should Russia do in view of the appearance of another dangerous point at its borders?

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the VI and VII convocations, military expert Alexander Sherin believes that such activities of NATO structures in the Baltic states are connected with an attempt to tear away the Kaliningrad region from Russia. This became quite obvious as a result of a direct statement by the ex-Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania. And after the accession to the Alliance of Sweden and Finland, NATO units will stand right under St. Petersburg. This is nothing but the offensive actions of the North Atlantic bloc.

“Russia needs to carry out, among other things, preventive measures. Because the longer we try to resolve this issue through diplomacy, the less determination in our actions will be seen. That is, we need to show today that we are ready to react with lightning speed and decisively to practical attempts to seize part of the territory of the Russian Federation,” Sherin stated his position.

We need, he believes, to establish military-strategic cooperation with Venezuela, with Serbia and to place our military bases quite officially in the same dangerous proximity to the borders of a potential enemy. Only symmetrical measures will allow us to maintain parity.

“And it is necessary now to voice the position of Russia: we support Scotland in its quest for independence. We are ready to recognize it as an independent state and build diplomatic relations with it and conduct military-technical cooperation. That is, any states that will somehow frustrate the plans of our opponents should become our friends,” the politician summed up his position.

Earlier, Alexander Sherin warned that the anti-Russian provocations of the West would continue and intensify.

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