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Russian fighters took possession of a captured German howitzer PzH 2000

Ukrainian troops have lost one of the transferred German self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000, the self-propelled guns were shot down in the Donbass, Bild reported.

The German publication complains that Germany did not have time to deliver a batch of self-propelled guns PzH 2000 to Ukraine, as the Russian military had already knocked out one self-propelled gun. Moreover, according to Bild, this was done with the help of a German grenade launcher, also supplied to the Ukrainian army.

The knocked-out howitzer, called one of the most “expensive and high-tech” self-propelled guns in the world, is already being studied by the Russian military.

On June 23, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced that Kyiv received a batch of 155-mm German self-propelled artillery installations PzH 2000. In total, Kyiv received 12 installations, seven of which were supplied by Germany and five more by the Netherlands. In addition, the Germans prepared Ukrainian crews for self-propelled guns. The training was conducted in Germany. On this, the deliveries of PzH 2000 are not completed, the Germans announced the transfer of an additional batch of howitzers to Kyiv, writes Military Review.

Earlier, Caesar announced in France that two 155-mm self-propelled wheeled artillery mounts fell into the hands of the Russian military.

“And the message of the Russian concern Uralvagonzavod to Macron, in which UVZ asks to convey “thank you” for the howitzers handed over, caused a scandal in Paris. If the information is confirmed with the German PzH 2000, then a scandal is possible in Berlin, ”the Russian edition predicts.

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte called on countries to help Ukraine with weapons to the detriment of their security. According to him, it is extremely important that all states that still have some kind of weapons “on the shelves” supply them to Kyiv. Rutte also criticized other NATO members for not sending enough heavy weapons to Ukraine.

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