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Ranking of the best online Figma courses in 2022

The profession of a web designer is in demand on the Russian market. The work of such specialists is to develop interfaces for mobile applications and websites. To do this, you can use the Figma editor, which is characterized by functionality and simplicity. In this article, we have selected the best platforms that offer beginners an online Figma course.


Top 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - Contented.  Figma - photo

The platform course is intended for beginners who want to:

  • Master design: graphic, web, UX/UI
  • Build on the skills you’ve learned so far
  • Decide on the future direction of work

The training lasts 2 weeks. Format: video tutorials plus practice.

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Get two portfolios
  • Lifetime course access
  • Use the software like a pro
  • Systematize skills
  • Grow in any design field

Then you can choose more serious online school courses in this area. It can be a “Web Designer” (training 18 months) or “UX / UI-Designer” (15 months).


TOP 10 Best Online Figma Courses from Scratch in 2022 - Skillbox.

For 8 weeks of study at this school, students from zero to PRO will master the popular graphics editor and learn how to create interactive prototypes.

The training scheme is as follows:

  • Watch practical video tutorials
  • Do homework assignments. The pace of work at your discretion
  • The teacher checks the assignment and points out mistakes
  • Correct them and consolidate knowledge
  • Receive a certificate and supplement your portfolio with it

If you purchase Figma courses in Skillbox for beginners, you get the opportunity to study English for free for 12 months.


TOP 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - GeekBrains.  Figma.  Entry level» - photo

GeekBrains offers a course on Figma. First level”. The duration of the training is a month, the number of lessons is 5. The course is intended for students so that they can understand whether they want to improve further and develop in the field of design.

In a month, you will understand how Figma works and will be able to use it to:

  • Create effects, shadows and shapes
  • Overlay layers
  • Use Components
  • Work with text material
  • Create landing page prototypes, website interfaces, buttons and more


TOP 10 Best Online Figma Courses from Scratch in 2022 - Irs.Academy.  «Online course on Figma» - photo

If you want to prototype in Figma and develop interfaces in a graphical editor, take the course of this online platform.

In 6 lessons and 8 hours of classes you will be able to learn:

  • Use editor tools effectively
  • Create websites and applications
  • Earn anywhere in the world
  • Find customers quickly
  • Get interesting jobs in companies

After graduation, you receive an electronic certificate that confirms that its owner has completed 6 lessons in the Figma online course. If the student wishes to receive the original, it is sent to him by Russian Post.


TOP 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - Eduson Academy.

In a couple of months of classes in an online school, you will gain the necessary skills to work in a graphic editor and learn how to make money on web design. After graduation, your portfolio will have 10 works, and your support will end only after 365 days! You receive a diploma of completion of the course and assistance in finding a job.

Learning Figma for beginners from scratch has the following scheme:

  • Watch video tutorials
  • Do practical tasks
  • Keep in touch with the curator
  • Defend your diploma
  • Receive a course completion certificate

There are 44 lessons and 10 practical tasks in total.


Top 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - Productstar.  Product Design Fundamentals: Figma - photo

Students are offered a two-month course “Fundamentals of Design for Products” with lifetime access to its materials.

After completing Figma online training, you will learn:

  • Collect MVP and Mock-up
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Work on layouts using plugins and animations

There are 10 lectures/lessons and after each of them there will be a practical task on real cases with verification.

Assistance in finding employment, mentor support and communication within your course group is provided.


Top 10 Best Online Figma Courses from Scratch in 2022 - Practicum.

The Praktikum company offers students the course “Interface Designer” from scratch. For 8 months of training, students will acquire a new and sought-after profession.

You’ll get:

  • Current theoretical knowledge
  • Practical skills from web design experts
  • 6 projects in the portfolio
  • Associate level
  • Help in finding a job

You can:

  • Research target audience and competitors
  • Test hypotheses
  • Create animated prototypes
  • Design the visual part of services, sites and applications
  • Create an intuitive interface
  • Think scenarios for users


Top 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - Netology.  Figma Basics - photo

The online school offers two courses.

The first course, Figma Basics, will help beginners learn basic editor tools for free. The Figma format of learning in Netology from scratch – video lectures. During the lessons, complete 10 practical tasks and they will become part of the portfolio.

In this free course, you will learn how to work with:

  • Shapes
  • grids
  • guides
  • masks
  • text
  • Components
  • effects
  • styles
  • gradients
  • color
  • prototyping tools


Top 10 Best Online Figma Courses From Scratch in 2022 - Netology.

The second course, “Graphic Design”, is suitable for:

  • Beginners in design. You will be taught how to perform key tasks, the basics of digital design
  • Marketers and editors. It will be possible to create visuals for designing projects
  • Creative people. You will be able to unlock the potential and understand where to go next

Learning scheme:

  • Choose the option of classes: webinars or videos
  • Practice: after the theoretical lesson, you will have to perform practical tasks that will be checked by an expert
  • Escort. You can count on the help of mentors and coordinator at any time. You have the right to ask them any questions on the topic

The training lasts 3 months.


TOP 10 Best Online Figma Courses from Scratch in 2022 - Tilda School.

Another free course on working in Figma is offered by the Tilda School. These are 13 lessons that will allow beginners to quickly understand the basic tools of a graphic editor and transfer design to Tilda.

Easy-to-learn program will help you create website design, interface prototypes, vector graphics and illustrations.

These were the best online courses in Figma. Is it worth it to sign up for them, you decide!

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