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Ranking of the best online courses on Zerocoding

In today’s world there are many initiative people with different ideas. They know well what result they need, but one problem arises: how to move from theory and hypothesis to practical implementation without involving the necessary specialists in the work. After all, they need to pay for the development of an IT product, for attracting the target audience, etc.

This is where Zerocoding comes in. This technology enables people with ideas to put everything into practice on their own and without writing codes. That is, without serious costs, the problem is solved. You will only need to attend Zero code courses and undergo a little training.

We offer you some options for studying technology.


The distance course “Skills: ZeroCoding” will allow students to practically master Zerocoding and understand how to make a website without code.

Without resorting to the services of developers, you can independently:

  • Develop mobile applications
  • Test hypotheses and MVP
  • Work with Glide and Integromat tools

The duration of the course is 2 months. It consists of 6 theoretical lessons and 6 practical lessons. Access to course materials is lifetime.

There are: d / s (d / s), feedback from a mentor, networking. Assistance in finding employment.
No: demo access, internships.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocoding Courses - Uprock.

Distance Zerocoding courses “Webflow-developer” is intended for novice designers and layout designers. However, experienced professionals will also benefit from training at the Uprock school. After completing the course, you will be able to develop turnkey websites, master adaptive layout, learn how to customize styles.

The duration of the course is 4 months. It is divided into 3 thematic modules. During training with the help of experienced mentors, you will develop a landing page from scratch with various elements. Access to course materials is lifetime.

Video tutorial format.

Yes: demo access, d / s, feedback from a mentor. Provides employment assistance
No: internships.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocode Courses - Zerocoder.

The course will allow students to develop applications for gadgets without code after completing the course. Zero code training will give you the opportunity in 2 months to replenish your portfolio with three real projects and quickly enter a sought-after profession. With the classical scheme, this will take 6-12 months.

Zerocoding training is offered from scratch. Therefore, it is suitable for businessmen, designers, IT specialists who do not have experience in development.

On the course you:

  • Explore mobile app technologies. Find out what their pros and cons are
  • Master the Glide constructor, on which you will develop your first application
  • Learn the basics of UX/UI applications
  • Get to know design, architecture, testing and engineering
  • Master the second constructor, Adalo. Understand how to upload the developed application to the stores

There are: d / z, feedback.
No: demo access, internships, employment assistance.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocode Courses - Zerocoder.

Zero coding training is suitable for students with no programming experience who want to create a project on their own and / or master a new specialty.

With the help of video tutorials and webinars, you will learn:

  • Connect payment systems and set them up
  • Easily and quickly develop complex solutions for marketplaces and LMS platforms
  • Differentiate content based on audience type
  • Work with API and plugins. They extend the functionality of Bubble
  • Tailor apps to different displays
  • Create versions of applications for both PC and mobile gadgets

Therefore, already during the lessons, you will develop a web service with:

  • LMS (learning control)
  • Chats between course participants
  • Online store elements

There are: d / s.
No: demo access, employment assistance, internships, feedback.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocode Courses - Zerocoder.

In two months, students will learn how to create secure and scalable applications without using the services of developers. The course is divided into 3 modules.

This is work with/co:

  1. Scenarios
  2. Data
  3. Pages and APIs

While studying at school, you will be able to assemble 2 applications, create a library of books / series, develop a CRM system and Telegram bots.

There are: d / s.
No: demo access, internships, feedback, employment assistance.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocode Courses - Zerocoder.  Zerocoder Global - photo

Zerocoding course teaches how to make money on this technology and work online with foreign customers. Duration 3 months.

You can choose one of three rates for training:

  1. Base. You get six months access to Getcourse. This is a learning platform
  2. Business. You will be offered practical tasks with verification, 6-month support and a group in Telegram with a curator. Access to Getcourse increases to 9 months
  3. VIP. Everything is the same as in the second paragraph, but access to Getcourse for up to a year plus consultations of any teacher and a refund if the student does not pay back the costs (!)

Yes: d / s, feedback (except for the 1st tariff)
No: demo access, internships, employment assistance.


TOP 8 Best Online Zerocode Courses - Zerocoder.

The duration of the course is a month. Recommended for beginners with no coding experience. Marketers, startup owners, businessmen and other professionals who want to automate routine processes can be trained and learn how to create:

  • Chatbots
  • Telegram bots
  • Mailing Services
  • Bulk emails
  • Other automation services

You will learn:

  • Based on the circumstances, tell the system how to change behavior
  • Work with business logic
  • Build Reports
  • Tell the bot to process data

There are: d / s.
No: demo access, internships, feedback, employment assistance.

In the end, we note that the courses listed above can be studied separately. Students are also given the opportunity to take all courses with a discount of up to 80%.

Now you know what Zerocoding is and where to study.

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