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OSAGO 2022 online calculator on Sravni.ru service

If you have a vehicle (TC) and use it on the territory of the Russian Federation, you must obtain an insurance policy. Therefore, below we will see how to buy OSAGO through Compare ru. The service acts as an aggregator and quickly compares the prices for issuing a policy in insurance companies.

This is the best solution to the problem if you do not want to personally visit insurance organizations and waste time on the road and queues. The process for them is the same. Therefore, you can remotely receive an insurance policy through an Internet resource.

Online calculator on the Sravni.ru service

On Sravni ru, when applying for OSAGO, you can use an online calculator. It allows the car owner to quickly find out how much insurance costs in different companies and compare prices. The fact is that since the fall of 2020, insurers have received the right to set base rates based on various factors. Therefore, prices vary between 2,471 – 5,436 rubles. Therefore, on Sravni ru you can issue an OSAGO by comparing prices and choosing the best option.

The calculator is used like this:

  • Specify the brand of car
  • Selects the year of its release
  • Specify the car model
  • Choose the indicators of the power unit: volume and power
  • Specify two regions: registration of OSAGO and the owner based on his passport
  • Beginning of insurance. There is one nuance here. If you specify “next day”, the policy will take effect the next day, but there will be fewer offers from insurance companies. To increase them, you can specify 3 days, but then you need to carefully drive a car so that nothing happens during these 3 days
  • Enter drivers authorized to drive the vehicle. Alternative – “no limits”
  • View the prices of insurance companies
  • Choose the best offer
  • Follow the link
  • You complete the registration already on the website of the organization issuing the policy

How to compare and buy online OSAGO 2022 on Sravni.ru

Buying OSAGO insurance on Sravni.ru

Let’s figure out how to issue an OSAGO with a profit on Sravni ru.

Any citizen who has the right to drive a vehicle can issue a policy. This may be the owner of the car or a driver who has been entrusted by the owner of the vehicle with control.

To apply for an insurance policy, you must submit:

  • Statement. It is issued by an insurance company.
  • Passport of the owner/driver of the vehicle. You can present another document proving the identity of the applicant
  • Title + vehicle registration certificate
  • The rights of citizens allowed to drive a car
  • Document on the ownership of the vehicle
  • Technical inspection coupon/diagnostic card
  • Ex-OSAGO policy, if available

How to compare and buy online OSAGO 2022 on Sravni.ru

Benefits of registering OSAGO on the Sravni.ru service

Why is it more convenient to issue OSAGO on Sravnir and how does the system work?

The owner of the vehicle gets rid of the need to check insurance companies. Therefore, the risk of running into scammers is completely eliminated.

The service works only with trusted organizations, among which you can specify:

  • Yugoria
  • Tinkoff Insurance
  • Rosgosstrakh
  • VSK
  • Alpha Insurance
  • SberStrakhovanie, etc.

Therefore, all policies are registered in the PCA database.

There are no twists. The service redirects the payment to the website of the insurance company. Therefore, the price of insurance will be without extra charge.

You can purchase a policy in any locality and around the clock. No need to take time off from work, personally visit the company, spend time on the road, stand in line and fill out an application at the office.

How to compare and buy online OSAGO 2022 on Sravni.ru

Now you know how to compare the cost of OSAGO on Sravni ru and apply for a policy in different companies.

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