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O "Babsky" complex and real problems in the economy

Nevertheless, I decided to stop laughing at the post of the owner of the resource, where he compares cats and women, and spend 15 minutes of time to speak out.

No, not in defense of some women, these are ephemeral creatures created from male problems (mainly financial) and fears, but about the situation itself, moreover, from the point of view of an economist.

1. I understand that sanctions work to exhaust and isolate

2. I understand that their effect – the destructuring of production and the economy as a whole, will not be immediately obvious,

3. I understand that there is no time to create a new production now, so all that is possible is to purchase at a premium in the countries of the former USSR, we cannot return to the USSR, but we can create some kind of it in the supply plans for Moscow, St. Petersburg and nearby regions Can.

the largest marketplaces are already ready to sell goods from the list of parallel imports. At least such plans were shared by Wildberries, Yandex.Market and Ozon. So soon on the same Ozone it will be possible to buy a kitchen from the Armenian Ikea (although it will be a fierce trash, but still solvable).
The Far Eastern direction will also be actively developed in order to form a backbone network of logistics centers along the Trans-Siberian Railway and next to the Far Eastern seaports, etc. etc.

4. In general, the creation of production takes time – at least 5 years, but this time is not available now, and it’s easier to buy everything again, just at the price of X2.

If you think that a lot of things were produced in Russia, then you are mistaken – even milk and beer will rise in price in the near future, because, as it turned out, foreign raw materials occupy 60% of the market share of raw materials for milk production, and hops (raw materials for beer production ) we also bought.
5. all this, respectively, provokes inflation, which even for the most wealthy at the moment causes the psychological effect of poverty

6. and everyone, here without special exceptions, leads to a drop in income

7. BUT I didn’t think that it would happen so quickly, because it is in the acute phase of the economic crisis in a single country, or a single family, that beloved women turn into these very “women”.
Why and why all this is happening, let psychologists explain, but as an economist I can say one thing, the lower the income level, the more fears for the future, the more “women” in our country.

It is sad that the process is developing so quickly, I thought that we have much more time for at least a little stabilization of the situation.

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