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Not an ounce of drama in the telegram

Just don’t worry, there is enough drama in the telegram, and this is just clickbait.

And the title of my new Saturday column with an overview of my own adventures in financial, investment and (omg, where did I get into) political channels. Everyone liked the first part (List of financial services that they tried to sell me in a cart in a few days), the topic came up, I decided to continue. will not come – I will kill.

In the meantime, a spoiler: there will be not only criticism, scolding and sarcasm, although this style rules, but also some respect.

I’ll start with them.

So, in my personal rating of telegram posts this week, the leader is Dmitry Medvedev’s telegram channel with a relevant and stylish post

What will happen next, or the World after anti-Russian sanctions (not a forecast at all)

I read it, and the EU burst into tears and nervously went to smoke around the corner along with a new package of sanctions (in the one about the oil embargo)

While they smoke their pack wonder herbs sanctions, China is still on the alert and thinking through its cunning plan, and therefore I still read the Chinese threat.
By the way, the only channel that does not piss me off. It’s all in the mind. They don’t sell me anything, they don’t offer anything, just the well-known Taokedao, aka Oleg Pankov, broadcasts his view of economic events in Russia, China and around the world.
Now he has 256 thousand subscribers on one channel, on the other (closed and free 76 thousand), in total he is already ahead of even Medvedev.

In general, learn, dear bloggers, it’s not for you to post photos or cover your bald head with hats, like Krechetov.

Although Oleg broke up his first blog precisely on pictures of boobs (for which a separate respect), he posted them every other day along with a review of financial events. When they asked: why did you stop? I honestly answered that the iPad blocks my boobs, I used to post from my phone (android).

By the way, to Krechetov, in a cart, advertising on his blog costs as much as 90 thousand, for a channel about wolfs with 80 thousand subscribers, of which half are bots, even a bit too much. Well, that’s why no one buys.

Won our pensionER in 35 – pence. Kubyshka fund – Yumagulov Ilshat (he, by the way, is already 53 years old, when he wrote about retirement at 35 he accidentally just rearranged the numbers in places) shy in a cart and advertising with a 25% discount, and norms, every day for 3600 someone advertises, pension I covered myself from investments, but writing about them pays off.
It’s better in real life than trying to sell some kind of “beginner investor rate” for 7.5 thousand, although the author of the Lemon channel for tea still tried to sell it to me again, after he realized that it was no longer possible to sell the crypto rate it will turn out (beginning of the story here).

My dear novice investors, do not be fooled – all you need to know about investing in our fund is that our exchange has turned into a small sandbox where kids have fun with themselves, if you are also drawn to have fun, then buy diapers, in this sandbox is indispensable without them.

Well, you can take a glimpse of this plate, remembering where Buffett is investing.

Well, I have everything for today, everyone is pokedova, if any a new breed of “rabbits” I missed the super post in the cart this week, then write about it in the comments.

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