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news by the morning of June 15 By Investing.com

Bloomberg learned about the fears of the United States due to the “side effect” of sanctions, and Tinkoff (LON:TCSq) will allow trading in units of foreign exchange funds on the OTC market – these and other important news by Wednesday morning, June 15, in our daily review.

A number of US presidential administration officials have expressed concern that sanctions, “instead of affecting the Russian authorities, exacerbate inflation, worsen food security and punish ordinary Russians to a greater extent,” Bloomberg writes, citing sources. As large companies pulled out of Russia, the US authorities “were caught off guard by potential side effects ranging from bottlenecks in the supply chain to uninsured grain exports,” the agency said.

Tinkoff Capital Management Company will allow investors to trade shares of foreign exchange funds on the OTC market, while the trading of some funds on the exchange is frozen due to sanctions. This was reported in the Tinkoff Investments Telegram channel. This opportunity will remain after the launch of exchange trading. As early as this week, investors will be able to trade shares of four BPIFs in dollars: Tinkoff NASDAQ Biotech, Tinkoff NASDAQ, Tinkoff IPO Index and USD Eternal Portfolio. In the future, this list will expand.

The Framework Agreements cannot be considered as valid contracts for the purposes of implementing anti-Russian sanctions, and the extension of the contract also cannot claim to be considered an exception in the form of a valid contract. These are the explanations of the European Commission regarding the execution of previously concluded agreements under the sanctions regime against Russia, writes RBC.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) will lay off almost a fifth of its workforce amid a collapse in stock prices and cryptocurrencies. The reduction of 18% of the state (about 1,100 people out of 5,000) will be a “one-time event”, the employees who fell under it have already limited access to the company’s systems, CNBC reports. The company has also filed the necessary paperwork on upcoming layoffs with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), writes The Verge.

US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo said that the main task of the US authorities is to limit the revenues that Russia receives from the sale of oil, Kommersant writes. According to him, this is due to the fact that by selling smaller volumes of raw materials, Russia receives more profit due to rising oil prices.

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Text prepared by Timur Aliev

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