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Moscow exchange will allow non-residents from friendly countries to the bond market

Moscow exchange will provide non-resident clients with access to the bond market from 15 August 2022. The trading platform announced this in a press release. The exchange will enable non-resident clients from countries that are not hostile, as well as non-residents whose ultimate beneficiaries are Russian legal entities or individuals, to make transactions on the bond market, the report said.

Professional participants (banks, brokers, management companies) began to register non-resident clients on the Moscow Exchange from August 8. To provide access to clients, participants are required to identify clients and their controlling persons, as well as provide additional information about clients when they register or make changes to the data provided during registration, the company specified.

Since August 8, the Moscow Exchange has admitted non-residents from friendly countries to the derivatives market. Non-residents were also allowed to trade, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are Russian legal entities or individuals.

What countries does Russia consider unfriendly?

Significant pressure on the debt market should not be expected, according to experts from BCS World of Investments. According to experts, some point drawdowns are possible in certain bonds , but in general, the impact of the event on the debt market is likely to be neutral. Excessive drawdowns of a number of securities can be considered as a reason for buying, the company said.

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A regulated market where sellers and buyers meet, trading in various assets: stocks, bonds, currencies, futures, commodities. Everyone can become a participant in trading on the stock exchange – for this you need to open a brokerage account. Each transaction is concluded at a market price, is completed almost instantly, and is also registered and controlled. More A debt security whose owner has the right to receive from the person who issued the bond its face value within a specified period. In addition, the bond implies the right of the owner to receive a percentage of its face value or other property rights. Bonds are the equivalent of a loan and are similar in principle to the lending process. Both governments and private companies can issue bonds.

Source: RBC

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