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Moon-X reviews, cheating or not? Honest review!

A cheap black broker can be created literally in a matter of days, as usually scammers don’t bother working out the site and try to launch the terminal and trading platform as soon as possible. Then they will be able to earn faster on those who will not check their company and platform for fraud.

Usually in this case, scammers do everything to keep the project afloat for a long time. They pull off hidden schemes of divorce when the client trades to merge his account to zero, but at the same time the victim herself does not know about it and continues to think that she herself merged her account due to unsuccessful trades. Often such naive comrades are then sure until the end of their lives that they did not participate in a scam.

It is to such smart-ass black brokers that the Moon-X platform can be attributed, which already has a negative reputation due to the abundance of angry reviews from those who lost their finances here. At the same time, each victim has his own version of how the scammers swindled money and poured the account. It is worth thinking about it and reading my review right now to always understand how such scammers operate and what to expect. Let’s not delay and let’s get started!

Crooked and ugly Moon-X website reflects the essence of a scam

Moon-X reviews, cheating or not?  Honest review!

At the moment, the black broker is still located on one domain – moon-x.info, which was created on March 18, 2022. It is likely that in the near future it will move to a new domain, as it will be blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and will be blocked in Russia. In addition, negative reviews are already starting to appear on the Internet, so scammers will want to change their address in order to continue to swindle for money.

The site itself is made extremely mediocre and cheap. The scammers did not take a steam bath and did not optimize the site for different screens, as a result, the layout breaks very quickly and the elements go off the screen. This only suggests that either the scammers themselves created the site with their own crooked hands, or they hired a cheap layout designer who had not heard about screen width optimization. One way or another, but this is clearly not the site of a large and rich company, as it should be.



  • No license
  • No normal contacts
  • Dubious company
  • Not paying, deducting bills

Already just starting to read the information on the site, the figure of 2500 traders who allegedly trade here is striking. Firstly, this is a fairly large figure, and secondly, the site traffic is too low for such a figure, so it is obvious that they are simply lying to us here.

The company that allegedly owns the platform is called Moon Markets LLC. According to scammers, it was registered on the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2022. However, it will not be easy to verify this statement, since this is an offshore state and the registry is closed. We can’t even be sure the company exists.

However, we are more interested in having a license to conduct brokerage activities. Fraudsters do not have it at all. Even if they presented a fake license from the regulator of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it would not give us anything, because the license in Russia is issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and in other countries their regulators. You cannot operate legally without a license. That is why everything here is clear as day.

Contacts of the office also leave much to be desired. There is no phone and social networks, but there is a fake address and mail:

  • Address: First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, P. O Box 1574, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines VC0100
  • Mail: [email protected]

Wouldn’t a normal office have telephones and a bunch of other offices in different countries? That’s just it, there’s nothing like that here. So we have scammers without legal documents. The only question that remains is how they work and steal money from naive victims. I will talk about this later.

An attempt by scammers to make money on a black broker where they steal money

Moon-X reviews, cheating or not?  Honest review!

Black brokers are created in order to deceive any trader and appropriate his money. Since such platforms do not have a license and are not directly related to financial markets, they do not provide trading services in these markets. All transactions are fake and are created purely for appearance on a demo account, which is often not suspected by the next naive trader. However, the task of the scammer is to play the show that the trader allegedly trades in the red and loses money, draining the account to zero.

Typically, these platforms require you to open an account with a minimum of $150 or more. This is due to the fact that scammers simply immediately put this money in their pocket and do not worry. However, the Moon-X fake broker has no minimum deposit requirements, and the scammers treat each victim personally, trying to get big money out of them. After that, they start draining the account using various methods, such as:

  • Technical glitches during trading become obsolete to prevent profit trading.
  • They replace trading charts with their own in order to take trades into the red. However, it is not difficult to notice this when comparing charts on independent aggregators.
  • They inflate spreads and change swaps at any time.
  • They arrange chart slippage in order to quickly close a deal at a loss.
  • They offer various services, such as AI robots, trust management, analytics advice, and so on. The essence of such proposals is to take control of the account and merge it to zero, or influence your decisions to merge the account. Also, scammers often play a show for you, increasing the account a couple of times, and then lure out more money. Only after receiving the money, they merge the account to zero.
  • They arrange fake hacker attacks, replacing the password from your account, but while you are restoring it, they write in the office that the money was withdrawn to someone else’s alleged account. In fact, all the money remains with the scammers, and you can write anything you want.

In the end, even if the account is not merged, the money will still not be allowed to be withdrawn from the account. First, they will ask for verification in order to steal and sell your personal data to other scammers, and then they will require you to pay commissions, taxes, fictitious fees, and so on. The point is to finally rob you one more time and then block you to the bone. In fact, you lose all the money immediately after replenishing the account.

A sufficient number of reviews on Moon-X about the fact that there is a scam

The number of negative reviews on Moon-X on the Internet just rolls over. This only says that scammers are scamming people for money, so people write reviews. For example, I managed to find this review:

I decided to unsubscribe here so that everyone knows that on the Moon-X platform it is impossible to open an account under any circumstances! The swindlers will find a reason to accuse YOU of fraud and appropriate all the funds for themselves. It is normal practice for them to block accounts.


In another review, the victim describes their experience using the platform:

Mun-X behaved with me just awful … When I registered on this site, I still doubted whether it was worth it. Still, the entry threshold here is draconian, not every beginner will pull. I had to get into a debt hole for the sake of trading with this office. However, the employees of this organization told me that they would help me quickly get up to speed and I could earn normal money. I will quickly repay loans and get a plus. However, the swindlers simply divorced me and threw me for money. I listened to their recommendations, trusted, and now I’m sitting penniless in my pocket. Friends, do not repeat my mistakes. They can cost you all the capital.


Finally, in the third review, the person realized that he had been scammed for a lot of money:

I fell for the persuasion of Moon X managers and now I can say for sure that this office is completely fake!!! I was scammed for a large amount, I should have read the comments earlier, but for some reason I didn’t do this due to inexperience. All my 1500 euros were stolen! Trading on the platform is not possible. Their terminal is buggy, constant drains due to technical failures. And the breeders are not going to bear responsibility for the stability of the platform. In short, here you need to get out yourself and solve your problems too. Although I generally doubt that I will be able to take the money, because this sharga is also illegal ..


I will also attach a screenshot with other reviews here below, so that you are convinced of the large amount of negativity around the project:

Moon-X reviews, cheating or not?  Honest review!

From all this, I would like to draw only one logical conclusion that it is not worth investing and trading here at all. If you were also scammed for money, then write a review under the article so that other people can see it and not fall into this cheap trap.

The scammers who lurk on the back of Moon-X

The Moon-X black broker platform is completely fake and made only to drain accounts and steal money from gullible naive traders. There is no income here and cannot be, and the company itself is fake and does not have a regulator’s license.

That is why you should beware of using such platforms and find a more reliable one for your investment.

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