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Money choice customer reviews – Evgeny Solovyov’s course

The money choice is a course from a certain Evgenia Solovieva, with the help of which we will allegedly be able to earn 280,000 rubles on a full machine.

Such a proposal is meaningless. 280 thousand rubles on the machine for a month – these are fairy tales for naive beginners. Moreover, in order to start earning that kind of money, we will need to spend hundreds of times less. What is the point of the author of the course to produce competitors, selling his invaluable knowledge for ridiculous money? Alas, many naive freeloaders don’t even think about it. That is why they buy such fake courses and become the next victims of cunning scammers.

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Pros and cons Money choice

Money Choice – Course Overview

This site is just one of many that exist and have existed. Evgenia Solovieva is an absolutely fictional character, in fact, like this course. Therefore, it is sold by different scammers on different sites. They simply use a banal fraud scheme that a significant number of citizens are led to.

The site is predictably cheap and primitive. In fact, this is a one-page, which was done as quickly as possible. They didn’t even assign a separate domain for it, they just placed it on a subdomain to save money. Fraudsters understand that such sites do not last long, and therefore they try to save on everything they can.

This is a kind of new system, developed taking into account the current situation. It is based on Russian services, as well as those that are 100% not subject to sanctions. Solovieva made sure that you can easily withdraw money to Russian cards and wallets.

Money choice customer reviews - Yevgeny Solovyov's course - Seoseed.ru

The essence of the Money Choice system is that we will select certain files in one service and transfer them to another service. After a little tweaking, the file will start generating traffic and monetize it. This is how you start earning income from the first days by continuing to copy files. Each time you add a file, you increase your earnings.

There is only a link to the alleged author’s profile in social networks. This, of course, is a fake page, and no one is even going to answer you on the merits.

Customer reviews and complaints

The money choice has a fairly large number of reviews, and, of course, the vast majority of them are sharply negative. The project is directly accused of being fraudulent, that the training is fake, that there will be no earnings, it’s just a waste of time and money.

Money choice customer reviews - Yevgeny Solovyov's course - Seoseed.ru

The scheme of earnings described on the site is fake. It does not exist in nature. There are no services where you need to transfer some unknown files, it is not clear how they generate traffic. In addition, in order to earn 280 thousand rubles a month, you need to generate millions of traffic, and this is the prerogative of exceptionally large and developed projects known to everyone.

So we are offered to study incomprehensibly to what.

The cost of education is low – there are two types of tariffs, one is 1590 rubles, the other is 1890 rubles, of course, with a huge discount.

Money choice – money scam

Most likely, after payment, the scammers will send you their affiliate links, which will need to be distributed in order for them to earn money for themselves. So you pay in order to be able to work for free for a scammer.

Money choice customer reviews - Yevgeny Solovyov's course - Seoseed.ru

There will be no income here. You will not transfer any files either, and you will not earn a penny. You will only lose.

Money choice – fake rate from fake Evgenia Solovieva. A scam designed to extort money from naive users.

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