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MANRONDONDEN – brazen deception with fake signals

Carefully! MANRONDONDEN is suspected of fraud!

To fall for deceivers in RuNet, it is not necessary to contact pyramid schemes, black brokers or investment projects, you can get on the profile of a typical swindler on Instagram, Telegram or Facebook.

For example, cheating with fake cryptocurrency signals and learning to trade are guaranteed to anyone who believes the tales of the user MANRONDONDEN on Instagram. The owner of this account is Denis, he offers to become a part of his crypto community, receiving daily risk analytics in the Telegram channel, but in fact MANRONDONDEN is a deceiver who earns out of the blue.

Information about the account and its owner

And so, the beginning of the MANRONDONDEN review began with the fact that the information was clarified – the owner of the profile offers earnings on cryptocurrency signals and training in trading. The Instagram profile of the “cryptosignal guru” says that he managed to create a successful community with a capital of over $ 5 million, and there is also an offer to go to YouTube and Telegram channels to receive free signals.

MANRONDONDEN - brazen deception with fake signals

The scammer also offers users a whole educational program for learning to trade, daily analytics, links to reviews about MANRONDONDEN, allegedly written by satisfied students and employees, and everything looks plausible. In the Instagram profile, the scammer has 22 thousand subscribers, on YouTube there are more than four thousand, but they upload videos infrequently, there are only 23 videos on the channel. There are almost 10 thousand subscribers in the Telegram channel, but judging by the number of interactions with publications, the followers of the accounts are more beautiful testimonials in video format is also a fraudulently paid campaign launched to scam ordinary people.

Why not buy MANRONDONDEN signals and tutorials?

If you carefully study the activities of the fraudster MANRONDONDEN, you can understand that a blatant lie is hidden behind a beautiful cover, as clearly indicated by the following facts:

MANRONDONDEN - brazen deception with fake signals

  • there are a lot of subscribers in the swindler’s profiles, but there are few publications and activities, which speaks of winding up followers for money;
  • a scammer in the Telegram channel offers to register on Binance, and this exchange now has a bad reputation on the network;
  • signals and analytics, when compared with accurate, reliable data, are fake, due to which the swindler drowns users, throwing money, getting his profit from it;
  • all the reviews of the scammer are pure fiction, especially since it is unrealistic to find real opinions on the network, there are only comments published allegedly by the swindler’s students;

MANRONDONDEN - brazen deception with fake signals

  • the swindler offers to take courses for 300, 500 or 1000 dollars, but as soon as the user pays this money, he notes with frustration that they don’t provide anything really useful to him, the same data is freely available on the network.

In fact, the scammer pretends to be a guru in the world of cryptocurrency and posts screenshots drawn in Photoshop in his channels so that newcomers buy into it, pay for a dummy, and then also lose money on the exchange, where unlicensed crooks have been brazenly cheating lately.

Information about the official resource of the scam

The cryptocurrency scammer did not spend money on his own website, a review of the available resources of crooks allows you to get a link to your Instagram profile https://instagram.com/manrondonden?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=, a resource where the crook offers training https://teletype.in/@ manrondonden/CNBF-KVbzGd, Telegram channel https://t.me/+VBdqyg2kl8xBGFXb, Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/Manrondonden user questions.

MANRONDONDEN - brazen deception with fake signals

It is also worth noting that in videos on YouTube, the scammer actively advertises other sites that are scams, so it is dangerous to contact him.

What do users think about MANRONDONDEN?

On the net, reviews about MANRONDONDEN can only be found that the crook himself put up, having shot a couple of convincing videos, for which he obviously paid generously.

MANRONDONDEN - brazen deception with fake signals

You can’t find real reviews on the network, and the activity on the social pages of the scammer is low, which means that the swindler inflated everything out of the blue, brazenly deceiving ordinary people.

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