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Lump sum payment upon adoption of a child: how much is due to whom and how to apply

Every year, dozens of babies appear in Russia, which for some reason were abandoned by their parents. And at the same time, there are people who would like to adopt a baby and take him into their family. When adopting a child in our country, there are certain measures of state support, in particular, a one-time cash payment. What kind of benefit it is, the amount, what documents will be needed and how to get the money – we will tell further.

Payment upon adoption of a child: what is this allowance

If a family makes a decision that it wants to adopt, take custody or adopt a child, then this decision must be supported by the authorities at all levels. In other words, material support can be provided not only from the state, but also from the local administrations of the subject of the Russian Federation where the family lives.

If a It’s about adoption., then you can receive a one-time allowance for the transfer of a child to be raised in a family, plus a one-time compensation payment for reimbursement of expenses in connection with the adoption of an orphan child or a child left without parental care. In some regions, for example, in Moscow, if an orphan child or a child without parental care is adopted after January 1, 2009, you can receive compensation payments on a monthly basis.

It is important to distinguish between adoptive parents and foster families:

Child and family relationshipsFinancial assistance from the stateName of the childRights of the child
AdoptionThe child is legally considered native, all rights and obligations as between relativesNo benefits, benefits from the state, no orphan statusWhen adopting, the full name changes, a new birth certificate is issuedBiological parents cannot pick up the child
foster familyThe child is not considered native, he is arranged for upbringing, relationships like that of a teacher and pupilThere are guardianship benefits, benefits and benefits from the state, orphan status and social pensionThe child retains his full name and birth certificateRelatives have the right to communicate, and biological parents can restore their rights and take the child away

One of the adoptive parents, guardians (custodians), adoptive parents has the right to a lump-sum allowance when transferring a child to a family. In the case of transferring two or more children to a family for upbringing, the allowance is paid for each child (Article 12.1 of Law N 81-FZ).

Who can be a beneficiary:

  • the adoptive parent of the child;
  • guardian;
  • trustee;
  • adoptive parent.

Besides, adoptive parents can receive the same benefits that parents receive when a child is born. If a child is an orphan, or left without parental care, and at the same time he has a disability, then his legal representatives can count on payments for families with disabled children (social pension, monthly payment, in the regions – separate monthly compensations, special conditions for learning and work for parents).

Also, if necessary, you can receive support as low-income families. We are talking, for example, about social assistance in cash and in kind, one-time and monthly benefits, subsidies for housing and communal services, etc.

How much can you get when adopting a child

State support measures will differ depending on the applicant’s life situation. For example, if a child is transferred to a family for upbringing, then the size of the lump-sum allowance will be 8,000 rubles.

In the case of an adoption, each adopted child is entitled to an equal amount: 20,472.77 rubles each. It is not necessary to report on where this money went, but it is assumed that it will go to the family and personal needs of the child: to purchase furniture for the children’s room, to purchase clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products, etc.

Of course, the lifting amount is small, but it is worth remembering that guardianship and guardianship authorities always take into account the solvency of citizens when evaluating a family. And if the family does not have sufficient income to properly support another child, then the application for adoption will simply not be accepted. Therefore, 20.5 thousand is just a nice bonus that can be spent on a child.

In addition, the amount can be increased to 156,428.66 rubles. This happens in certain cases:

  • If the child is already 8 years old;
  • If the child has a disability;
  • If several children are accepted into the family at once, for example, a brother and sister.

This measure is quite justified: most families want to adopt a baby, but adult children aged 8 years and older are taken less often. To make this event more attractive to parents, there is such a measure of encouragement. And if parents take a child with a disability into the family or several children at once, then they will obviously need more money for everyday expenses and maintenance, and this is also taken into account.

The amount of payments changes annually due to indexation. Here are the payments made in the last two years:

Benefit indexation date and basisIndexing coefficientStandard payment amount, rub.The amount of payment in case of adoption of a disabled child, a child over the age of seven, as well as children who are brothers and (or) sisters, rub.
From 02/01/2022. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 57.1.08420,472.77156,428.66
From 02/01/2021 to 01/31/2022. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 28, 2021 N 731.04918,886.32144,306.88
From 02/01/2020 to 01/31/2021. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 611.03018,004.12137,566.14

That’s why if the adoption decision is made towards the end of the year, it makes sense to apply later so that the amount is larger. The main thing is to meet the six-month period.

How to get a lump sum payment

Immediately after the adoption of the baby or after several children, the trustees/adoptive parents have the right to receive a certain amount of money. To do this, you need to apply with an application for the appointment of a payment and documents confirming the right to this benefit to the PFR customer service at the place of residence, or to a multifunctional center (MFC) with the same package of documents.

Please note that if it is not possible to personally visit either the branch of the Pension Fund of Russia or the office of the MFC, then you can use the services of the Russian Post. The application can be sent to the FIU by mail, and attach notarized copies of all necessary documents to it.

What documents do you need to prepare for payment:

  • Copy of passport or other identity document;
  • Birth certificate of the adopted child;
  • A copy of the court decision on the adoption of the child;
  • Document on the establishment of custody of the child;
  • A document confirming registration at the place of residence;
  • A document confirming that the child has a disability (if any);
  • Details of the account where the allowance will be transferred (only accepted on the cards of applicants with the MIR payment system).

It is important to consider timing: only 6 months are given to apply for a subsidy. That is, the application must be submitted within six months from the date the decision on adoption comes into force, or the day the guardianship and guardianship authority makes a decision to establish guardianship or guardianship, or from the day the agreement on the adoption of the child into the family is concluded.

The received application and documents will be checked by the FIU within 10 working days, after which a decision will be made on the allocation of benefits. Funds will be paid within 5 working days after a positive decision on the application is made.

The decision-making period may be extended by 20 days if the FIU employees do not receive the necessary documents from the applicant confirming the right to payment, or information from related agencies. If the FIU decides to deny the grant, the notification will be sent within 3 business days.

Possible grounds for refusal:

  • the applicant’s lack of registration at the place of residence in the region of applying for benefits;
  • adoption (adoption) of a child (children) by a stepfather (stepmother);
  • a court decision on the adoption (adoption) of a child (children) that entered into force before January 1, 2011;
  • failure to submit a complete package of documents.

In any case, it will be clear from the notice why the negative decision was received., and if possible, it can be changed. For example, if you bring missing documents or register.

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