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Live life – do not go to McDonald’s

(June 25 – Prom in Russia)

In real life, you cannot play the second and third double. It was in Soviet times that a gouging schoolchild could be left for the second year in one class, where he then rolled vanka and bullied other children.

Then such negligent students were sent for “re-education” in vocational schools (after eight classes in high school). In general, whether he studied or did not study, there was only one way – to the plant or factory (if they still remained in your city), to replenish the working class.

Now schoolchildren have to do everything (live) “cleanly”, without repetition. If you don’t go to college, join the army. But we must honestly admit that even in Soviet times, many guys did not want to serve in the army and, moreover, to fight (“do their duty”) in Afghanistan or Chechnya. And for this they sought to enter the technical

institute, preferably with a military department.

But there were not enough such institutions for everyone who wanted to avoid military service. Therefore, some of the guys were ready to enter even any “overwhelming” (completely unusable, useless) institute. And then, of course, to vegetate all my life in an uninteresting and low-paid job.

Nowadays, those graduates who are not the children of bureaucrats, corrupt officials, or “non-weak” often show naivety and spend their time and nerves preparing and passing entrance exams to some university.

Previously, this business was necessary, but who will need them now, when the equipment of many factories has been sent for scrap, and business centers and luxury hotels have been built in their place? And the products of other factories are not needed even in our, by no means, advanced country. Well, the receipt of modern equipment and technologies from abroad has long been hampered by all sorts of obstacles or completely blocked by sanctions.

But suppose that a young man was able not only to go to college, but also to graduate from it. Where should he go next? Who will need it?

I don’t believe in the colorful stories that while studying at the institute, representatives of various companies “look closely” at the student, then invite them to their place, give housing and a well-paid job, I do not believe. If only because his new bosses have their own children, relatives and friends of the bosses also have children, who will first of all be given a better place, and most importantly, they will be promoted. And you – wait for “weather by the sea.”

Of course, someone might be lucky enough to get a job at a factory built by foreigners. But it will be somewhere on the periphery. And in a few years, the owners of the enterprise will close it or transfer production to another city or another country. How to live then? What means to support your family?

From the height of my years, I see that there is no point in leaving my hometown, especially from Moscow and other “millionaires”. Cut off all ties and chase after the “smell of the taiga” in order to lose a job before retirement at a plant closed by the owners and live in old age in a wrecked town forgotten by God? No, this “romance” is not for me.

Of course, after graduation, you can stay at home. At first, parents and relatives will help young people. But then their ardor will cool down and the desire to solve other people’s problems will dry up. In general, university graduates who are proud of their “advancement” will still have to learn to swim and do everything on their own.

By the way, none of the relatives and former friends will help to cross the minefield or ford. They can, of course, suggest that there are, they say, mines, but here there are pits. But you still have to go through the minefield and in dark water yourself. Here you either cross or drown.

It is quite possible that after some time, university graduates, having stuffed bumps and making sure that there are no “social elevators”, having seen enough of what creatures and scum get high positions and high salaries, they themselves will give up and begin to plunge into the dullness and swamp of our everyday life.

(Prose of life)

Sergei Paly.

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