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Life Division real reviews about the project

Life Division, an officially registered company, offers to realize its own opportunities in the field of financial consulting.

With the right strategy, profit will make itself felt in the near future.

General information
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• Life Division – Internet earnings
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• Life Division – scam

• of. website: https://life-division.com/public/index.php
• jur. address: Belize

Project Description

The newly formed company makes business offers to enterprising users. Acceptance of cooperation implies quick profit and minimal risks.

The official project has created its own training system, thanks to which career growth and financial independence will quickly declare themselves.

The project conducts legal activities, has partners in 79 countries of the world. Guarantees honesty and transparency in transactions, confidentiality of information received from customers, legal security and round-the-clock technical support. the main conditions for cooperation and enjoyment of the benefits are specified in the user agreement.

Without its acceptance, participation in the project is impossible. When making a decision, do not forget about the risks.

Life Division real reviews about the project

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Technical part of Life Division

Cooperation with the company will help you start your own business. To participate in the project, you must go through official registration with the provision of personal data.

The money earned in the project can be withdrawn around the clock, without costs and extra expenses.
The company invites participants to choose one of the investment proposals.

They are available in the following options:
• Profit Max – a classic option for accumulating and saving your own money
• Profit Gold – the account provides for the investment of funds in gold, in the future, profit is made in gold bars
• Profit Extreme – a highly profitable investment plan with high risks and similar profits

The project has additional bonuses in the form of valuable prizes, for example, expensive cars.
You can get detailed information about each investment proposal using the services of round-the-clock technical support or admin assistance.

Life Division real reviews about the project

The essence of divorce

The investment project is actually a scam site that competently furnishes its users with serious money.

The signs of a divorce are as follows:
• the company provides a minimum of information about the creation, development and own team, the exact address of registration and phone number is unknown to anyone
• the company works with users via e-mail, these methods of communication are used by scammers
• the composition of the team is unknown, it is possible that it is represented by hackers
• earnings in the financial pyramid are carried out according to a fraudulent scheme, by attracting other investors, and not by accumulating their own experience in order to create a business in the future
• users are recruited from social networks, scammers use psychological methods, promise quick profits and throw big money

Registration of a company in an offshore zone and the lack of a license to conduct financial activities in the Russian Federation and the CIS completely deprives users of legal protection.

Life Division real reviews about the project

Real user comments about Life Division

Life Division is a scam project. Requires a constant influx of additional investors. After the suspension of the receipt of funds, the account is blocked without notifying the participants. Claims on the issue of loss of money, boorish attitude of the administrator and account blocking are not accepted. Appeal to the judicial authorities does not bring results due to the lack of legal data. addresses.


Life Division – experts are sure that cooperation with such companies ends for users with loss of funds and psychological disappointment. False offers, lack of profit makes the project participants bankrupt.

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