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K7Trade FRAUD reviews and withdrawals


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K7Trade is a popular and influential dealing center in the market, which provides its clients with the best prospects for developing their trading potential, and also gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional trading environment with minimal investment and maximum profit. It is with such cheap tales that a company called K7Trade feeds its naive users, which strives to attract as much attention as possible to customers, as well as ingratiate themselves with them in order to clean their wallets without any obstacles, periodically maintaining the level of such trust with empty promises and guarantees. . It is according to this algorithm of actions that this service works, which simply screams about its unprofessionalism and unprofitability, and also makes one wonder how it is possible to lie so beautifully and brazenly without any evidence and confirmation.

Company contacts K7Trade

  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Company Location: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Moreover, this resource does not leave any additional data.

Website review k7trade.com

The resource presented to clients with information about the basic principles of the K7Trade company seems, at first glance, to be a fairly standard site, which is no different from hundreds of other sites of brokerage companies that can be found on be-top.org. But, having got acquainted with it closer, it becomes extremely clear that this project was very mediocre in creating its resource, not devoting as much time and money to it as it would take to develop a really high-quality resource. The main disadvantages of this site are its primitiveness, the most generalized content, as well as the absence of any functions useful for traders that could help clients become more familiar with the trading environment into which they will plunge with the first deposit.
Conditions of the broker K7Trade

  • quite extensive and professional toolkit;
  • a fully automated trading platform with the ability to interact with it through a mobile application;
  • round-the-clock support from experienced and professional employees of the company;
  • leverage up to 1:600;
  • 6 available trading accounts, ranging from basic to the most abundant – diamond;
  • available welcome bonuses of 20% or more;
  • each trader is offered the services of a personal account manager;
  • the minimum deposit amount is $250;
  • accessible, fairly deep market analysis;
  • availability of a news portal with all the latest changes on the exchange;
  • open access to the most requested and popular assets;
  • enabled stop loss function;
  • available consultations on an individual basis with market analysts;
  • a fairly plentiful affiliate program;
  • the tightest possible spreads;
  • a wide range of available withdrawal methods.

K7Trade FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

Exposing K7Trade

It is not so difficult to convict a company of lies and fraud when it helps to do this with its own actions and behavior. This is exactly what the K7Trade office is, thanks to which it attracts attention and makes you doubt the quality and professionalism it mentioned. In order to support the earlier assertion that the company K7Trade scam and scam, it is enough to pay attention to some technical features of its work, namely, that the domain name was officially registered only in October 2021, that is, not so long ago, which means that all the beautiful stories of the site about its many years of experience, as well as persistent improvement in this period of her service can be called another lie specially prepared from her to receive approving user comments. Also, it would not be out of place to mention that this project is absolutely not regulated by anyone and nothing, that is, in other words, it has not passed all the necessary checks that could confirm the transparency and legality of this project, moreover, as we have already indicated previously registered in the offshore zone of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, popular and loved by all swindlers, which only once again reminds of what unsafe cooperation awaits users who agree to all the company’s offers.

How to withdraw money from K7Trade

Another detail that clearly reveals the real face and intentions of this service is the fact that the project K7Trade does not withdraw moneythat is, it does not fulfill its obligations as a brokerage project, which is clearly evidenced by its intentions and ultimate goals pursued by this site.


Given the rather negative reviews about K7Tradethe lack of a truly efficient and profitable trading environment, extremely incompetent staff, rudeness towards customers, as well as a number of other significant shortcomings, we strongly do not recommend interacting with this project in any way, and even more so trusting it with both your personal information and your investments that, as has already been proven by practice, are guaranteed to go to the offshore accounts of this swindler.

Possibility withdraw money with “K7Trade” not confirmed.

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