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K7trade: customer reviews about the company

Attention! Fraud company!

Leave a request for a refund from a scammer.

K7trade claims to go the extra mile to ensure that its clients can access profitable online trading. It provides many tools, a modern platform and analytical materials. But judging by the reviews, all this is empty words; in fact, the sharashkin office is trying to clean the pockets of users. What divorce scheme does she use? Let’s talk!

What you need to know about K7trade?

The hero of our review positions himself as an outstanding global broker, but does not even announce the date of entry into the financial market. There is no information about the creators of the scam project on the k7trade.com site. Judging by the number of negative reviews, scammers are simply afraid to show their faces.

We managed to find out that the scam has been around for a little over six months. During this time, the scammers did not even bother to make a good site: we see a number of pictures from stocks, a rather “crooked” translation of the text, and constantly hanging tabs. No wonder the site costs a penny.

K7trade: customer reviews about the company

K7trade, a month after its appearance, collected such an impressive pool of negative reviews that it came to the attention of the Prosecutor General’s Office. On her initiative, Roskomnadzor blocked the website.

In the reviews, many investors complain that K7trade support rarely gets in touch. This is not surprising, because the email to which the scammers offer to send requests does not exist. Fraudsters themselves contact their victims from different numbers, and then disappear from the horizon.

According to legend, the sharashkin office is officially “registered” in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The address indicated in the footer of the site is used as a cover by many “kitchens”: fake brokers Signep are allegedly registered at it. Goldenstream, Investizo and about 50 other garbage dumps, about which a lot of revealing reviews have been written. It is pointless to look for the hero of our review in an offshore zone: there is no information about him in the local register of companies.

Also K7trade claims to have a branch in the UK. The business center is listed as the address. Users who want to come to the UK to get to know scammers better will be disappointed: there is no information about them in Companies House, which means that there can be no talk of having a branch.

What’s up with K7trade’s legal documents?

At first glance, it seems that everything is in order with the documents of the fake broker: the “Client Agreement”, “Risk Notice” and “Privacy Policy” are published on the site. Upon closer examination, it turns out that not everything is so smooth: firstly, they are not translated into Russian, and secondly, they do not contain either the name, number, or address of the agent. The terms of the agreement are written in such a way that the client does not have the opportunity to receive a profit:

  • breeders refuse to compensate the trader for losses that he will incur through their fault;
  • scammers have the right to block the user’s account at any time without giving reasons;
  • Scammers are not responsible for the correct operation of the trading platform and website.

Even such a miserable “Client Agreement” charlatans were too lazy to write themselves. One of the clauses says that the user enters into an agreement not with K7trade, but with Global Morgan. Although a lot of negative reviews have been written about this intermediary, it has nothing to do with the hero of our review. Fraudsters shamelessly stole the document from another agent.

The “kitchen” says nothing about permits. It can be seen from the reviews that the lion’s share of her victims are investors from the Russian Federation, so we decided to find out if she legally provides services to them. The audit showed that the Central Bank of Russia knows about the existence of K7trade, but there is no reason to be happy: it has added to the list of scammers.

Trading conditions

Scammers promise users profitable earnings on stocks, currencies (fiat and digital), commodities and indices. A demo account is not provided, and this is not surprising: scammers want to clean the pockets of traders as soon as possible. As for real accounts, there are six of them:

  • “Basic” – $250;
  • “Bronze” – 1000 USD;
  • “Silver” – $ 5,000;
  • “Gold” – 10000 USD;
  • “Platinum” – $ 25,000;
  • “Diamond” – the amount is discussed separately with each user.

Scammers lure victims with a bonus for the first replenishment (from 10 to 40%), without informing them that they need to work it out. Leverage ranges from 1:100 to 1:600. This means that transactions are not brought to the market. There is no information about swaps, commissions and spreads.

What do users think about sharaga?

In the reviews, investors write that it is unrealistic to withdraw money from K7trade. They also complain about annoying managers, unprofessional technical support and constant failures in the terminal.

What is the essence of divorce?

Although the minimum deposit is $250, the crooks do everything to persuade the investor to deposit at least $5,000. All sorts of promises are used, but if the trader is in doubt, they make a “unique” offer: deposit $2,500, and the broker will give the same amount. Judging by the reviews, few people can refuse this, and naive users fall into the network of scammers.

If the user manages to earn several hundred dollars and he wants to withdraw them, it turns out that the bonus promised by K7trade was not presented, but provided as a loan. Naturally, rather big interest has already run up on him, without repayment of which it is impossible to return the capital. Then the charlatans will demand all possible commissions and fees. This will continue until the victim is left penniless. After that, her account will be blocked for breach of contract, and the money will remain in the hands of crooks.


Fake registration information, lack of a license and a bunch of negative reviews – this is quite enough to call K7trade a “kitchen” with full confidence. Cooperation with breeders will lead to loss of nerves and money, so do not fall for their promises!

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