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July 2022 financial report. “A million in a year is easy”

I welcome you colleagues and guests on my blog “Maximum income“. Exactly a month has passed since my last financial report, it’s time to take stock of the past July 2022.

For those who are new to my resource, I will introduce myself. My name is Maxim, I am a private investor and the author of this blog. For eight years now I have been sharing with readers the results of my work in the stock market. I write current news and talk about financial literacy.

Also, I have a group In contact with where I post interesting posts on the topic of finance, as well as a channel in Yandex Zen and Telegram. I advise you to subscribe to these resources, since not all information that occurs in a month gets into the reports.

During the existence of the blog, there were many projects, assets, profits and drawdowns. Much has changed in the design and philosophy of articles. One thing hasn’t really changed. This desire and desire for financial independence. For a long time I invested money exclusively in American companies, but this year I had to change my strategy and switch to the Russian stock market. I wrote about it detailed article

But let’s get back to the July 2022 financial report. What happened and what was interesting to remember this month.

The dollar and the new rules of the game

Over the past month, the dollar went down by 64 rubles and returned to 52 rubles, then vice versa. During this time, I managed to sell it and make good money. The second important event that all Russians remember is the decline key rate up to 8%. This is understandable, the Central Bank needs to support the banking system, it is necessary to raise the economy, and this requires loans.

Finishing the report, I saw the news: the Central Bank extended the restriction on the withdrawal of the dollar and the euro to March 09, 2023. Until this date, we will not be allowed to withdraw more than $ 10,000. Amounts above will be converted into rubles at the current exchange rate. (Nuts are tightened already along the stripped thread) Everything, we merge finally. Keeping dollars in a portfolio becomes unprofitable and even dangerous.

The next step to the problems of investors was the preparation of the Central Bank of new rules for qualified investors. So far, they have not been accepted, but the work is in full swing. If today, in order to become a qualifier, it is enough to have 6 million rubles on a brokerage account or simply show transactions for this volume, then it is planned to increase the indicator to 30 million rubles. Which is unrealistic for the average investor.

As the Central Bank itself explains, this is done solely to protect the interests of investors. My question is, what are they protecting? From the fall of the Russian market to 30-40% (as it was in the first half of 2022) or from refusal of companies from dividends? In addition, a commission is introduced for storing currency in brokerage and bank accounts. So, on the contrary, it can allow investments in foreign currency, there are no such drops and jumps! Some kind of protection is not well thought out. Don’t you think so?

Dividends and new assets in the portfolio

Several companies in my portfolio paid dividends in July. Rosneft paid 23.63 rubles per share. Gazprom Neft delighted investors 16 rubles per share. Tatneft also threw a gift in the amount 16.14 rubles per share. This is cool, considering that many of the Russian companies refused to pay at all. All dividends that have been paid are sent to work further. I do not draw any conclusions from the portfolio.

Yandex reported for the third quarter of 2022. The company showed tremendous growth in revenue and profit. Even analysts did not expect such a good report. Since the release of the report, the stock has risen by more than ten %. And I also made money from it.

In total, I earned on Yandex shares 25% arrived. After the report, he fixed the profit by selling them completely. I waited for a small correction on 27.07 to minus 3%and bought again. Yandex’s performance is excellent, there are practically no competitors, I expect growth to the level of November 2021 (more than 6000 rubles per share)

I have VK shares in my portfolio (Mail.ru). I think that the company has good prospects, since the competition in Russia is not big. We can say that it does not exist at all after Facebook and Instagram were banned. I expect good growth during the year. I continue to hold and buy shares on corrections.

Investment portfolio for August 2022

Now the numbers. Below is my investment portfolio for June 2022. As a reminder, I don’t count locked ETFs and Swiss Francs. They are bought and hang on the balance sheet of the Tinkoff broker. Maybe someday we will be allowed to work with these tools. But given the recent events, the hopes described above are less and less.

Now I work through BCS broker. Everything suits me, well done guys. If you are thinking about where to open a brokerage account, I recommend BCS. To all new clients, the company gives a share worth up to 4,000 rubles, subject to a one-time replenishment of the brokerage account in the amount of 10,000 rubles. Hurry before the end of the promotion, register

TOTAL:RUB 6366.06.RUB 6941.25
Assetsbalance sheet Current price
one. Mechel RUB 119.62RUB 121.95
2. NMLKRUB 130.12RUB 138.00
3. Sberbank upRUB 118.40RUB 126.50
4. NovatekRUB 1055.00RUB 993.00
5. YandexRUB 1465.00RUB 1704.00
6. RosneftRUB 384.45RUB 351.20
7. Gazprom NeftRUB 444.00RUB 390.30
8. TCS Group (Moscow Exchange)RUB 1831.002013.00 RUB
9. RusalRUB 54.64RUB 55,830
10. TatneftRUB 427.20RUB 409.90
11. VK (Mail.ru)RUB 328.20RUB 328.80
12. CNY/RUBRUB 8.43 RUB 9.27

And this is how my investment portfolio looks like at the end of July, beginning of August 2022. I have already written in previous reports that the conservative investment option in today’s situation does not work. Therefore, as soon as the stock rises by 5 percent or more, I take profits and wait for a correction down. Then I buy the same company again.

Bought and hold, for ten years, as recent events have shown, does not work with Russian stocks. One fine day, everything can collapse like a house of cards, all the profit earned in a few years evaporates. Therefore, it is better to periodically sell and buy again.

TOTAL:RUB 6366.06.RUB 6941.25
Assetsbalance sheet Current price
one. Mechel RUB 121.95RUB 125.40
2. NMLK JSCRUB 138.00RUB 130.00
3. Sberbank RUB 132.62RUB 131.90
4. NovatekRUB 1055.00RUB 1052.00
5. YandexRUB 2085.20RUB 1952.00
6. RosneftRUB 372.76RUB 353.00
7. Gazprom NeftRUB 434.40RUB 381.95
8. TCS Group (Moscow Exchange)RUB 1974.00RUB 1950.00
9. Rusal aoRUB 55.16RUB 50.23
10. TatneftRUB 415.20RUB 409.00
11. VK (Mail.ru)RUB 416.40RUB 409.00
12. X5 GroupRUB 1290.00RUB 1345.00
13.CNY/RUBRUB 8.43 RUB 9.32

For a month, I fixed profits for three companies in the portfolio. These are Tinkoff, Yandex and Sberbank. If you compare the numbers with the previous table, they will be different. I made a total profit of approx. 35 % the amount of money invested in these companies. I sold them and, having waited for a slight decrease, bought again. In the long term, growth will continue, but I think it’s stupid not to take advantage of this moment and not get free cash by selling.

With the money that I earned from these companies, plus the dividends on assets that I wrote about above, I purchased shares in the company X5 Group at a very attractive price of 1290 rubles per share. Although earlier I could have taken even cheaper. But there was no free money on the balance sheet.

Thus, my investment portfolio for August 2022 consists of 12 stocks and one currency pair. Yuan by the way has grown well this month. By the way, it grows in proportion to the growth of the dollar. The higher the latter, the more expensive the Chinese.

Total for the portfolio for the month, profit amounted to (+ 4.38%) for half a year profit (+ 0.69%). I consider it a worthy result, given the situation on the stock exchange, where many of my colleagues suffered losses in the amount of (— 20-30%).

This is all news regarding my investment portfolio. In terms of everyday life, everything is wonderful. We live in the countryside, we finish building, we improve, we make a house for ourselves. The plans for the second half of the year are to develop projects and continue to invest in shares of Russian companies. Thank you for your attention, always your “Maximum income”

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