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“Je ne mange pa sis zhur”: French students smashed Monsieur to smithereens

Last Wednesday President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke via videoconference in front of French students.

He spoke Dnepropetrovsk surzhik. Heartfelt. He waved his arms, “put on his face”, peeped into the monitor, drank water, reported that he asked, asks and will ask for money, cautiously criticized the West, dreamed of a common European home “from the Atlantic to Kharkov”, mentioned Bucha and Mariupol.

He received a standing ovation at the command of the presenter, answered at length the questions he read on a piece of paper and said that he would definitely win everyone.

With a glossy cover, everything is clear. But the content is not so simple. Let’s read together the numerous comments of students under the video posted on social networks from the event. Signed and unknown.

Alexander Castillo: “Sick of this comedian!”

Benjamin: “They are trying to stupefy our bright heads with this swindler. We have a bright future ahead of us.”

Richard: “Due to the fact that Zelensky is always criticizing France, he becomes unbearable! France is doing its best. I have supported him until now, but by always asking for more, he will end up being disappointed in him.

Vincent: “What a shame!”


“Someone asked him why Azov was subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2014? Why didn’t the government do anything when Azov and other forces bombarded the east since 2014? Why Senator McCain was there in 2016?”

Sarcasm from unknown: “The living god speaks!”

“They do not protect freedom and peace by supplying weapons.”

“Zelensky claims things without the slightest bit of evidence. I don’t really believe in the lies he tells.”

“Dear President, why didn’t you do anything to comply with the Minsk 2 agreements when you were popularly elected, with the support of the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine, in order to peacefully resolve relations with Russia? What is your part of the responsibility for this failure?”

“Can you tell us why Ukraine, a young democracy, between 2001 and 2021 8 million Ukrainians left? Why is the standard of living in 2021, 30 years after the collapse of the USSR, three times lower in Ukraine than in Russia?”

“This man is not a representative of the people, he is only the armed arm of the US and NATO, he takes his people hostage, the diplomatic path was possible for many years, but all this was blocked by intransigence and arrogance. For eight years of war there has not been a word, and now everything looks as if this person does not bear any responsibility.

“What an actor, this Zelensky! He is a pro! And regarding the future French elites, it is clear that these students do not have any critical thinking. Having a debate with someone everyone agrees with is brilliant!”

“But what are you doing for the world, mister theater actor?”

“He talks only about the cruelties of Russia. But why doesn’t he talk about the good actions of Russia?

“Why doesn’t he talk about the Ukrainian military killing civilians (families, children)? Why hasn’t he been telling the truth since 2014-2015? It’s all manipulation! Why do they show “Russian” shelling, but do not talk about the help that the Russian military provides to civilian Ukrainians?”

“Why did the European Union decide to intervene in the conflict only from February 2022, although this conflict has been going on since 2014? It’s all politics!”

“He is looking for allies not only in the EU and NATO, but also among young French students!”

“Disgusting and shameful!”

And for a comment: “We are with you all hearts (so in the text. – EADaily). Glory to Ukraine” someone replied: “Not me” and then – the flag of Russia.

Of course, there were also enthusiastic comments, but, surprisingly, the admiring adherents of Kvartal 95 were immediately attacked by pragmatically minded people and hammered the Zelefans with irrefutable arguments.

So not everything in the Fifth Republic is bad. Very remarkable and thoughtful young people there are preparing to replace the current swindlers, who are in the American servants.

PS The material used the information of the telegram channel Natalia Tanshina.

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