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It is now possible to pay for purchases with a Mir card from a smartphone in Belarus

Contactless payment is supported in the terminals of banks that work with the Belkart payment system.

After the departure of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, payment for purchases from a smartphone remained only for Mir cards in the Mir Pay service. You can attach a card of almost any major bank to it, and pay for purchases at terminals at retail outlets. And now the service has become available on the territory of Belarus.

It should be noted that bank cards from the MIR payment system began to be accepted in Belarus a long time ago – since 2018. And since the beginning of 2022, integration has become even closer – now Mir cards are accepted at points that work with the Belkart payment system. Recently, Belarusian banks began to accept payments via smartphones from Mir cards.

Mir cards allow you to pay for purchases and withdraw cash from Belarusian banks and ATMs, while commissions are charged at domestic rates. Additionally, you can transfer money to other payment systems, including Belkart, Visa and MasterCard. Cash withdrawal is made in Belarusian rubles at the current exchange rate of the bank.

Now MIR is expanding the basic functionality with the help of new services, such as Mir Pay. It allows you to link your card to your smartphone and pay for any purchases through a contactless payment system. Whereinfor the correct operation of the service, it is worth paying attention to a number of technical requirements:

  • Contactless payment technology on smartphones is available to users of Android version 7.0 and higher.
  • The smartphone must support NFC.
  • The official Mir Pay application is available for download only through Google Play, RuStore and App Gallery. There is no version for owners of Apple devices (since the company does not provide access to the payment module to third-party developers).

It is also worth noting that payment via smartphones will be available at POS-terminals of those banks that work with the Belkart system. One of these is the largest Belarusian bank “ASB Belarusbank”, as well as “Belagroprombank”, “BSB Bank”, Belarusian “Sber Bank” and “Alfa-Bank” and many others. As stated in the Mir payment system itself, in the near future, contactless payment should also appear at the terminals of other banks (although Belkart is still accepted by almost all banks of the republic).

Interestingly, since 2022, bank cards from the Belkart payment system can be freely used in Russia and in other countries that work with the Mir system. Indeed, after the integration, the cards of the two systems are essentially identical – they remain valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and in a number of foreign countries. And together with the Belarusian system, even a MIR card is issued from the Belkart system.

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