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Is it worth buying Sberbank shares in 2022 now?

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In 2022, difficult times have come for the entire banking sector of Russia. Therefore, investors are wondering whether it is worth buying shares of Sberbank and Gazprom today, what recommendations do experts give. There is some growth in profits, but the situation is negatively affected by political tensions. Fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate can hit Russian lending institutions hard. Whether the sanctions of Sberbank will be strongly affected in 2022, whether it is worth buying the shares of this company now, we will study further.

Reasons for the fall of Sberbank shares

Ordinary shares of Sberbank lost almost 25% in price. The cost of preferred papers fell by 21%. Quotes have been steadily falling since October 2021. The decline began after an unprecedented price rise. The quotes reached their historical maximum on October 11, 2021. Then the price of 1 share was 388 rubles. Preferred papers at that moment cost 357 rubles. By January 2022, the value has decreased by 38% from the historical maximum.

Why did Sberbank shares fall and is it worth buying them today, what do analysts think? For example, an employee of Alfa Capital, Eduard Kharin, believes that the decline in value was due to the fact that Western players began to get rid of securities. So investors tried to minimize the risks caused by geopolitical tensions. The impending conflict was already known last year. Then the American media reported that Russia was building up military power on the border with Ukraine.

Active sales began in January against the background of harsh statements from diplomats who were present at the talks between the United States and Russia on guarantees to contain the influence of the North Atlantic alliance.

Some foreign investors refused to purchase indices and placed Sberbank shares in their portfolios, giving access to the Russian market. During the period of increasing political tension, the main sales were made in the banking sector. The military conflict affected the shares of Sberbank in the same way as the papers of technological enterprises. Their share in the portfolios of foreign investors was also significant.
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About 40% of the shareholders of a large Russian bank are foreign companies. The shares of Russian individuals and legal entities are 3.7% and 1.9%, respectively. The rest of the papers are in the possession of the Russian Ministry of Finance.

Sberbank stock prices reacted sharply to the imposition of sanctions against Russian companies. Moreover, this began before the official introduction of restrictions. On January 12, American politicians introduced a bill providing for a number of sanctions against Russian banks. Sales affected not only the shares of Sberbank, but also TCS Group, VTB. This means that there was no transfer of investments from Sberbank to the securities of other financial companies.

Selling was a chaotic panic. Technical analysis to understand whether to buy or get rid of ordinary and preferred shares of Sberbank in 2022 was not carried out. Discounted at the normal rate, the future financial flows of the bank do not justify the current market price, says Vitaly Isakov, director of Otkritie Management Company.

What will happen next with Sber shares in 2022

Experts consider ordinary shares undervalued. Therefore, quotes may begin to rise to record levels by the end of 2022. Analysts predict that the cost will increase to 433 rubles, which is 25% more than the historical maximum. Some experts even predict growth by 70%. Is it worth it now to buy preferred shares of Sberbank today? Financiers think so. The sale is not recommended by any analyst.

According to the consensus forecast, preferred shares may rise in price to 379 rubles by the middle of the year. Some experts advise buying securities at current low prices.

Analysts of “Aton” consider “Sberbank” a favorite in the banking sector. The company showed good results in December 2021. The indicators coincided with the expectations of Aton. However, the market did not take into account the reports, investors focused all their attention on the political situation and the sanctions imposed by the West.

In 2021, the net profit of Sberbank increased to 1.24 trillion rubles. This mark was overcome for the first time in the history of the bank. Net profit increased by 12% due to the growth of credit mass.

Aton analysts believe that in 2022 the profit will reach 1.3 trillion rubles. The predicted profitability is 20%. Growth factors should be an increase in net commission and interest income.

At the Finam forum, analysts say that it is worth buying preferred shares of Sberbank now when it falls. Slower growth is predicted for common papers.

What experts say about investments in Sberbank

Is it worth buying Sberbank shares today, what do analysts think in 2022:

  • Alexander Reznikov: “Changes in the Russian economy may lead to an increase in stock prices. It is worth buying securities for investors who are set up for long-term investment.”
  • Konstantin Bushuev: “Sberbank is quite reliable even in an unstable political situation. The company is able to pay dividends to shareholders.”
  • Financier Valentina Tsybenko: “Despite the difficult environment, the average share price may rise.”
  • Andrei Kuzmin: “There will be a rise, but it should not be expected until the end of the year. The trend will continue in the future.”

However, some experts give a negative answer to the question of whether it is worth buying the fallen shares of Sberbank in dollars now, because prices may creep further down.
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