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If I were a Urapatriot, what would I write about?

Here I was accused of whining and all-out, but this is not so, I’m just looking at the facts.

And the fact is that after the well-known February events, our country was divided into two camps – the camp of the urapatriots and the camp of all-weeders.
Let me tell you right now that I don’t belong to any of them.

For me, in general, the main indicator of normal life in the country is (do not be surprised) happiness.

And with him even before February there was a problem.

A month and a half ago, the commemorative World Happiness Report, the annual report of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Unit, was published.
And it turned out that Russia immediately lost 20 positions and dropped to 80th place out of 146 possible. Russians have become more unhappy than Turkmens, who are ranked 78th in the happiness ranking.

The main rating criteria are: GDP, social support, life expectancy, the freedom of citizens to make their own vital decisions, generosity/generosity and attitude towards corruption.

It is about these criteria that one must write to the urapatriots from the standpoint of their possible improvement, and the truth. But somehow I rarely see such posts on financial portals, although there is something to write about.

For example, about the same grants from the Moscow Government to businesses and assistance in obtaining preferential loans, applications are accepted here
About assistance to the residents of Donbass – you can read about all the options for assistance here
In general, it is necessary to write and write about the fight against corruption, I would definitely read this information, since I consider corruption to be one of the main problems in our country.

From the point of view of investments, one could write about the nearest plans and tasks of the Moscow Exchange, and at the same time discuss them.

— What are the development plans of the Moscow Exchange for this year?

— Our key task is to fully provide the opportunities that were. We have already withdrawn all Russian instruments. We want to withdraw all the instruments that were traded before, provide additional instruments in the form of additional sessions, which are in great demand.

Market participants and we have a very big focus on the Asian region as a whole. Many people see a significant alternative to Western markets: the markets of China and Hong Kong are extremely large.

We are working towards the diversification of instruments, because the exchange can always develop in three key areas: instruments, trading time and additional services. We will try to please investors with new opportunities.

More details here

In general, there are many topics for really real patriotism, and the illiterate patriotism that I see now on the smartlab, coming from the point of view of accusations from the other side, personally causes me only a feeling of deep annoyance and rejection.

Patriots, finally learn your native language, and then write, but in such a way that these are creative posts, and not illiterate superficial criticism, after reading which, you again begin to think that we will get out of such denseness into the world for a very long time.

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