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iDealTrade – kitchen broker review and real reviews

Carefully! iDealTrade is suspected of fraud!

The risks associated with non-Forex trading have always been high, and if the broker turned out to be a typical kitchen swindler, then you should not count on quality service and stable payouts here. Young scammers show trading conditions on the sites in a favorable light, which attracts customers, makes them deposit money, and then users successfully lose their finances.

A vivid example of a stock trader who deceives clients at every turn, who has indicated fictitious trading conditions and fake contacts on the site, is iDealTrade, which has existed for about half a year. If you carefully check all the facts about the company and its documents, then you can understand that iDealTrade is a scam of a typical standard, and scamming on traders’ money is always a priority for this broker.

Brief information about the company and its offers for clients

If you make a full acquaintance with the site of the exchanger, as well as the offers described on it, then you can understand that iDialTrade deceivers create an ideal environment for swindling money out of gullible beginners, trying to buy them at low spreads, no commissions and high leverage.

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

The trading conditions on the website of the office were described very attractively for clients, telling gullible traders about such non-existent privileges:

  • first-class, professional service is guaranteed to traders at all stages of cooperation with the exchange trader;
  • clients are allowed to use innovative technologies in their work, which helps to make trade transactions faster and more successfully;
  • the choice in the category of trading instruments is large, which will suit beginners and professionals;
  • the spread on the site is competitive;
  • the company does not remove commissions from clients, undertakes to carry out trade transactions at the highest possible speed;
  • trading on the site is available around the clock, for transactions, users will be able to work on computers or from mobile devices;
  • more than 80 indicators, high-quality charts and calendars are available to customers on a high-speed terminal;
  • for newcomers, the company is ready to present training materials that will allow them to become professionals;

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

  • You can start trading on the site immediately after registering and making a deposit;
  • in the category of trading assets, traders will be able to find indices, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, stocks, commodities;
  • the range of products available to customers on the company’s website is regularly expanding;
  • clients will be able to work with 4 terminals, replenish their account and withdraw funds from iDealTrade are allowed instantly.

The firm describes its work and trading offers in a very attractive way, but this has nothing to do with reality, as many traders have seen from their own experience. Although the real period of the company’s work is less than a year, you can read a lot of negative reviews about iDealTrade, because the company does not serve customers on transparent terms, but corny steals their finances.

Real signs of fraud on iDealTrade

If you carefully check all the data about the broker, without referring only to the iDealTrade review from the inside and studying the information on the official website, then you can understand that the company is completely fraudulent, and you can’t count on the honesty and transparency of its work. The main signs that the site of this office is not going to serve customers honestly and transparently are the following real facts:

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

  • the company has ascribed to itself the status of an authoritative, proven stock trader, although it exists for about half a year, and during this time it is unrealistic to reach the heights described on the website;
  • the company indicated the address of registration in Austria, but it cannot be found in the local registers of this state, the details of the office are also fake;
  • the company is not registered in Russia as a legal entity, it does not have a license from the Central Bank, although it provides services to the local population;
  • the company does not have licenses and work permits at all, even the contact information indicated on its website is fake;

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

  • there is no information at all about the management of the company, all persons involved in its work prefer to remain anonymous.

Although the presented company is cooperating with traders from Russia, the agreement was written on the company’s website only in English, because iDealTrade scammers do not benefit if the victims immediately read about all their tricks.

Bred here those who are looking for work or want to become a trader. For job seekers, scammers have prepared a beautiful legend that you should first try trading and accounts on yourself, because this will help you become a professional and join the team well. For beginners, the office has prepared “favorable” rates, fairy tales about the absence of commissions and low spreads, which then allows you to throw them for money.

Briefly about the website of the exchange trader

As a full review of the iDealTrade official website and its contacts showed, they do not intend to provide quality customer service by working with them on transparent terms. As for the data directly about the resource itself, they are as follows:

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

  • the address of the scam on the Internet is https://idealtrade.co/;
  • domain name registration time – the resource began to function in 2021 on November 4;
  • who is the owner of the site – the registration of the resource is private;
  • communication with clients and company contacts – address of the broker’s office Hornweg 1, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria, standard internal feedback form, e-mail [email protected]

Checking the contact details of the company proves that they are fake, here no one is going to maintain two-way communication with clients, because it is unprofitable for crooks to listen to claims addressed to them.

Reviews about iDealTrade broker

Despite the rather modest period of existence of the brokerage firm, there are already reviews of iDealTrade in the network.

iDealTrade - kitchen broker review and real reviews

After carefully reading the comments of real people, it is possible to understand that the company is throwing money at it and cleverly deceiving traders, not intending to pay them anything. There are still a lot of similar scammers on the network, so before starting cooperation, you should carefully check everything so that you don’t end up with an empty pocket later.

List of sources

In the process of writing today’s review, information was used from the official website of the company in question, additional data was obtained from the sites vklader com, forum-info ru, feedback-people com.

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