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In early March, almost all Russian banks revised the conditions for savings accounts (HC). The largest private financial institution, Alfa-Bank, did not stand aside either. Therefore, we decided to look into its tariffs. After all, first you need to understand how profitable this operation is, and only then entrust your money to a financial company.

Conditions for a savings account in Alfa – Bank

In the Alfa Bank organization, the conditions for the savings account are as follows:

  • It can be opened in four currencies. The Chinese yuan has been added to the three main since April 18
  • No restrictions on deposits and withdrawals
  • Depending on the currency of the account, its profitability will change.
  • You can use NS as much as you like.
  • Interest is calculated at the end of the month and on the minimum balance

Pay attention to the accrual system (more details below). It is not daily for the balance, as in many banks, but for min. balance during the reporting period (month). For example, in May you constantly had a balance of 200 thousand, but one day it dropped to 120 thousand. Interest will go exactly to these 120 thousand.

How and at what interest rate to open a savings account with Alfa-Bank 2022

Obtaining the maximum percentage when opening a National Assembly in Alfa-Bank

So, you opened a savings account with Alfa Bank, and what are the interest rates?

The limit is 20% per annum. However, not every client of the bank can count on the maximum. The following conditions apply:

First option:

  1. You must not have opened Alpha Accounts in the last 90 days
  2. You must open the first National Assembly in rubles
  3. Replenish it on the day of registration

The second option for accruing 20% ​​per annum on the balance depends on the status of the client and the amount of the minimum balance:

  • A-club client and min. balance up to 30 million rubles.
  • Alfa-Premium client, up to 10 mln.
  • Other customers, up to 1.5 million

How and at what interest rate to open a savings account with Alfa-Bank 2022

Interest accrual

Accrual of 20% per annum is carried out for two months, starting from the day following the 1st replenishment of the National Assembly. The bank does not put forward any conditions.

From the third month, the rate is reduced to 12%, but monthly purchases with bank cards must exceed 10,000, and if you belong to the A-CLUB category, from 100,000.

Without purchases, the base rate is applied, respectively, 4% and 4.5%

If the National Assembly is opened in dollars:

  • Premium customers for the first two months will receive 1% at min. balance up to $100,000. Further – 0.3%
  • Other customers, respectively, 0.5 and 0.2%

For NC in RMB for all customers, the rate is 0.1%.

As for the NA in euros, it is allowed to open it, but no interest is charged.

Minimum balance

This concept means the smallest amount that was stored on the National Assembly during the calendar month. Let’s say you opened an account on 04/10/2022 and deposited an amount of 50 thousand. Until the end of the month, there were deposits and withdrawals. The amounts on the balance were constantly changing, but the minimum was fixed on April 24 at 35 thousand rubles.

NS replenishment and cash withdrawal

A convenient mobile application (Alfa-Click) of a financial institution is at your service. It works around the clock and you can replenish the National Assembly and withdraw money at any time. Any debit card will be required.

How and at what interest rate to open a savings account with Alfa-Bank 2022

Opening and closing of the National Assembly

Now let’s see how to open a savings account for Russians in Alfa Bank and close it.

For existing clients, the operation is much easier. You need to go to the Alfa-Click system, open the National Assembly and replenish it from the card.

If you want to become a client of Alfa-Bank and open an NS, you need to follow these steps:

  • Apply for a debit card. The best option is Alpha Map. It is free to use and you can withdraw money from any ATM
  • Receive a payment instrument and activate it
  • Register with Alfa-Click
  • Open the National Assembly

How and at what interest rate to open a savings account with Alfa-Bank 2022

Closing the NA is also an easy operation. Withdraw money from him by transfer to a debit card and close the account. Funds can be left on the card for non-cash use or cashed out.

HC insurance

For your money up to 1.4 million rubles. you don’t have to worry. These funds for the National Assembly are insured by a special Agency. If something happens to the bank (closes, goes bankrupt), the money will be returned by the state to its owner.

Here is a savings account in the Alfa Bank organization in 2022. It is worth it to open it, you decide!

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