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Specialist. operation in Ukraine seriously affected the banking sector in Russia. Due to Western sanctions, Visa / MasterCard “froze” their activities in the Russian Federation. As a result, the demand for Mir cards has risen.

In this article, we will see how to open a Mir card in a Gazprombank organization, we will analyze the conditions of the payment instrument, its advantages and disadvantages.

Order and delivery of the MIR card from Gazprombank

To order a card, you must fill out an application. This can be done at the office of Gazprombank or on its website online. The client must be over 18 years old, and he must have any registration on the territory of the Russian Federation.

If the questionnaire is approved, the consumer receives an SMS notification. To receive a card (production time – up to 7 days), you can visit the nearest branch and pick it up. An alternative option is to order free courier delivery.

MIR card tariffs from Gazprombank

The Mir card from Gazprombank has the following conditions.

Issue, service

The payment tool is free to use. No need to pay for its serviced release.

Cash out

In the ATMs of the organization itself, you can withdraw cash without commission. If the transaction is carried out at ATMs of other banks, it is allowed to withdraw up to 100 thousand three times a month without fees. If the amount is exceeded, the fee is 1.5% of the amount, but at least 200 rubles.

Money transfer

Transfers to cards of other financial institutions are also allowed without fees. The holder of the payment instrument is obliged to use the SBP or telephone number. Every month, you can make transfers in the amount of up to 100 thousand. If the limit is exceeded – 1.5% of the amount, but at least 50 rubles.


The operation is performed through the application, payment terminals, Internet banking.

Pros and cons of the MIR debit card from Gazprombank


In Gazprombank, it is called “Understandable Cashback”. Its monthly limit is limited to 3 thousand. For any purchases, the return is 1.5%, but card expenses from 5 thousand are required per month. Accrual occurs for the full 100 rubles. acquisitions.

When shopping with partners, cashback can be up to 35%!

Until June 14, 2022, Gazprombank is running the Start Smart campaign. New customers who do not have company cards can participate in it. The minimum amount of card purchases of 5000 remains in effect, but the first 2 months from the date of its activation, the cashback will be 3%! In addition, in the same period, the balance on the card will be charged at a rate of 9% per annum, provided that it varies in the range of 5-300 thousand rubles.


The first two months you don’t have to pay for SMS notifications. Starting from the third month, the service becomes paid, 59 rubles.

Card activation

It is not enough to order a Mir card in the Gazprombank organization. For it to work, it needs to be activated. Because the payment instrument customers receive is blocked. This is done for security purposes.

There are 4 ways to activate the card:

  1. Through the site. You need to visit the resource of the organization and enter the data of the payment instrument. If the card was delivered by courier, this method will not work
  2. Using a phone, you need to call one of two numbers: +7 495 980 41 41 or 8 800 100 00 89. Calls are free
  3. In the office. If you came to a Gazprombank branch for a card, you can ask a bank employee to activate it
  4. SMS. Insert the card into an ATM, make any transaction, receive an SMS message and send it to the number +7 903 797 62 22

If the card is delivered by courier, you must perform the following operations:

  • Download the Gazprombank application
  • Select received card
  • Click on “Activate Card”
  • Come up with a PIN
  • Find any ATM
  • Insert a card into it and perform any operation

Pros and cons of the MIR debit card from Gazprombank

Pros and cons of the MIR card from Gazprombank

Like any other banking product, the Mir Free card from Gazprombank has both pros and cons.


  • Free maintenance, replenishment, cashing out, free transfers and issuance
  • Express delivery
  • Discounts from the Mir system
  • Interest on balance
  • Contactless payment Mir-Beskontakt
  • Cashback


  • Need purchases over 5k to get a refund
  • There is a monthly cashback cap

If the conditions of the card suit you, contact Gazprombank and order a payment instrument!

Pros and cons of the MIR debit card from Gazprombank

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