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How to connect Tinkoff Kassa. What is internet acquiring

More and more consumers are switching to cashless payments in stores. In order not to lose them, sellers are forced to use POS-terminals, which enable buyers to use cards from different banks when paying for purchases. This applies not only to offline outlets, but also to online stores. However, for their work, you need to connect one banking service.

Below we will analyze Internet acquiring from Tinkoff.

What you need to connect acquiring from Tinkoff and its conditions

To use acquiring services, you must complete 3 items from the list below:

  1. Register a business. It can be a non-profit organization, LLC or individual entrepreneur
  2. Open a bank account (r / s). Choose a financial institution based on your needs and its rates
  3. Create a website or social media page

This must be done, therefore, to the accounts of individuals. persons (self-employed) acquiring cannot be connected. When opening an account in Tinkoff, the bank helps customers connect the necessary equipment and set it up. Specialists will do everything in a short time, 3-5 days. This will allow you to accept non-cash payments from customers faster.

In addition, the bank puts forward one more condition. The customer must not sell prohibited goods. The organization even allows you not to open an account with him if the Tinkoff online cash desk is connected to the acquiring. The process will just take a little longer.

Internet acquiring Tinkoff: how to connect a cash register, tariffs 2022

Applying for connection of acquiring from Tinkoff

It all depends on the r / s. If you opened it at Tinkoff Bank, the financial institution accepts an application in three options:

  1. Filling out an application on the Tinkoff checkout page. The process will take 1 minute
  2. Through chat. Write to the operator and ask him to activate the service
  3. Through LK Tinkoff Business. In your personal account, follow the path “Products and services” / “Internet acquiring”, click on “Connect” and leave a request

When opening a bank account in another financial institution, only the first paragraph will do.

Service cost

Tinkoff’s acquiring rates for sole proprietors in 2022 depend on three factors:

  1. Company turnover
  2. Type of activity of the enterprise
  3. Tariff for servicing account in Tinkoff

Note that the bank does not set any requirements for the annual turnover of the client company. It can be either 10,000 or 100,000,000.

The bank discusses tariffs and commissions with each client separately. To do this, you need to write to the Tinkoff Cashier manager, contact the operator in the Tinkoff Business application chat, or leave a request on the website.

For transactions with Internet acquiring, the bank takes only a commission fee, but there is no subscription fee. It should be noted that it will be in case of unsuccessful payments. That is, if the client tried to pay for the purchase, but there was not enough money on the card, payment systems will still take payment from the bank. Therefore, Tinkoff takes a commission of 49 rubles. for a failed operation. It does not depend on the amount of payment.

The only exception is the operation through the SBP.

Internet acquiring Tinkoff: how to connect a cash register, tariffs 2022

How to connect an online cash desk from Tinkoff

At the end, a little about what is Tinkoff cash desk online for individual entrepreneurs and how to connect it. Organization acquiring is integrated with different cloud cash desks.


  • Ecomkassa
  • Athol online
  • OFD Ferma, etc.

If you have a physical online cash desk (you already have a classic business), you can connect it to Internet acquiring. “Business.Ru Online Checks” will handle the setup. This is a partner of Tinkoff. You need to submit an appropriate application and explain everything to the manager.

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