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How to choose a loan online at Sravni.ru

Nowadays, a rare person does not use credit. Because it’s convenient. Take the product and use it. The bank pays for it, and then you return the debt to the lender in small amounts. Of course, there will be interest, and the total amount will increase, but you won’t have to pay a huge amount right away.

But why run around banks or open their websites in turn, if you can get a loan through the Compare service? It’s much more convenient. You can compare loans and their conditions in different banks, and then choose the offer you like.

How Sravni.ru service works

Consider the possibilities of the service. This is a database of various financial products offered by domestic financial institutions. The conditions for registration, requirements for potential consumers, the benefits of a loan and other necessary data are indicated. Data on banking products is regularly updated. Therefore, the information is always up to date. Loan calculators are also at the service of customers, with the help of which you can make approximate calculations.

If you like some banking product, follow the link and continue further operations on the Internet resource of the financial institution.

Many people think that Compare ru issues loans. This is not true. The service is an aggregator, not a bank or MFI. Therefore, he does not issue loans. However, you can choose a cash loan on Sravni ru, go to the lender’s website and get it from him. The service acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders, allowing customers to filter information according to the parameters they need.

How to compare and apply for a loan on Sravni.ru

Loan selection on Sravni.ru

We will analyze how to compare and select loans online at Compare ru.

On the main page of the service, open the “Loan Selection” tab.

Fill out a short questionnaire with filters, specifying the required amount, choosing the term (from 7 days to 15 years) and the purpose of the loan:

  • Money
  • Refinancing (loan, mortgage)
  • Buying a car (new, old)
  • Mortgage

You must also provide your full name, e-mail and phone number. In order for the service to select a loan as accurately as possible, it is recommended to indicate the work experience, place of registration, monthly income. In this way, the bank/client will better understand whether the potential borrower/financial institution is suitable for its requirements.

After filling in the information, click on “Select”.

A list of banks will appear on the screen with:

  • The name of the loan product
  • His terms
  • requirements for the borrower
  • Required list of documents

It will be possible to study and compare interest rates on loans for registration in banks. If one of the options on the screen interests you, click on “Submit Application” and it will be sent to the selected financial institution.

How to compare and apply for a loan on Sravni.ru

Advantages of the Sravni.ru service

There are quite a few advantages:

  1. Many offers from Russian banks
  2. up-to-date information on banking products. Because it is updated regularly
  3. Availability of an online calculator. It allows you to roughly calculate the loan
  4. You can choose not only loans, but also other products. For example, an OSAGO policy, debit cards, brokerage services, etc.
  5. From the site it is allowed to send an application for a loan to any selected financial institutions

Now you know how to apply for a bank loan through Compare.

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