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How to check a car by VIN before buying? Service Avtoteka

Any motorist, if he had the financial means, would buy a new car. However, not all Russians have the funds for such a purchase. Therefore, many motorists turn their eyes towards used cars. This could be a real challenge.

The risks of unscheduled repairs increase, the cost of repairs will be fully paid by the new owner of the vehicle, it is impossible to choose a color. It is difficult to find an “iron horse” with mileage that would fully satisfy the desires and requirements of the buyer. Let’s add legal clarity here. If a new car is sold by an official dealer of the manufacturer, the buyer is confident in the security of the transaction. However, used cars can also be sold by resellers who are able to put an external gloss on the vehicle and lure inexperienced motorists with low prices.

In order not to be quickly disappointed with your purchase, you need to use the services of the Autoteka online service and know how to check a used car.

A little about the Autoteka service

Since the service was created only in 2016, many motorists are wondering: what is Autoteka?

The online resource is the largest non-state database (DB) in the Russian Federation, from which any user can find out the history of a used car using 9 million VINs.

The creators of the service are well aware of the risks that any motorist who purchases a car on the secondary market may face.

A used vehicle can be:

  • beaten
  • hijacked
  • with twisted mileage
  • With someone else’s license plates
  • Other technical/legal issues

To protect buyers from such risks, the authors of the Avtoteka project decided to create a single consolidated database and form a transparent car market. As a result, this approach will contribute to the growth of the secondary market for the sale of cars.

What is Autoteka and how to check a car by VIN

How is the history of the car formed?

In open sources, you can find a little information on the car. This may be registration data and the facts of getting into an accident. However, the Avtoteka database contains unique information on 10 million vehicles, while the basic data is given on 50 million or more vehicles!

Information comes from:

  • Car services. This is over 500 service stations
  • Dealer centers (more than 2 thousand)
  • Importers
  • Banks
  • BKI
  • Taxi and car sharing services;
  • insurance companies

Therefore, any car enthusiast can find out before buying whether the vehicle was involved in an accident, whether it was used in car sharing or as a taxi, is not under bail, what is its mileage, what is its repair history, etc.

What is Autoteka and how to check a car by VIN

How a car is checked on the Autoteka resource

Let’s see how a car is checked online by VIN on the Autoteka resource.

Let’s say you want to check VIN WAUZZZ8E57A167523.

Open the resource autoteka.ru and enter the data in the column “VIN or license plate number”. Avtoteka indicates the placement history on Avito and with a hint (a question mark on the right in the column) shows how to check the car. Just click on it.

Enter VIN, wait a few seconds for the system to search.
If the service finds information in the database, the display will show the car brand (AUDI A4), year of manufacture (2007), color (red), power (163 hp) and volume (1.8 l) of the engine.

8 points are checked. User can “View Sample Report”

What is Autoteka and how to check a car by VIN

Prices for Autoteka services

The cost for the submitted reports depends on their number:

  • 1 report – 197 rubles.
  • 5-649
  • 10-899
  • 50 – 3 490

As you can see, the service will be useful when buying a car. The costs are small, and they will prevent possible troubles.

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