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Since March 10, 2022, Visa and MasterCard have been suspended in the Russian Federation. Therefore, many domestic banks are going to issue payment instruments with UnionPay. Much depends on the Chinese side, on how quickly they connect Russian financial institutions to their system.

However, it should be said that there are about a dozen banks that can already issue such payment instruments. Among them is MTS.
Therefore, below we will analyze how to issue a Union Pay card in this bank.

Why UnionPay cards are needed

There are no serious problems for the domestic market. Because all operations are carried out by NSPK, a domestic operator, and the MIR system also works. The only thing that cannot be done is to pay for a product or service with smartphones, smart watches and other advanced gadgets. Because the operation was carried out using Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, and these systems stopped cooperating with Russian payment instruments.

But outside of Russia, if we exclude a few countries, the cards do not work. The only exception is the Chinese UnionPay system. China is still acting as an observer and does not support sanctions. Let’s hope that the eastern neighbor will remain neutral.

How to apply for a Union Pay card at MTS Bank.  Overview of debit UnionPay from MTS

UnionPay card tariffs from MTS Bank

The China UnionPay debit card from MTS Bank has the following rates.


If the application is submitted by the client at the bank branches, the cost of the payment instrument will be 10 thousand. A similar operation online will cost half as much. However, this price is valid until the end of April.


The client is released from payment for the first two months. In order not to pay further, one of the two conditions of the MTS company must be met: the monthly turnover on the card must exceed 10 thousand, or the balance on the card must be from 30 thousand. Otherwise, monthly 99 rubles.

Cash out

The commission is not provided in two cases:

  1. The money was withdrawn from MTS ATMs and the amount is up to 600 thousand per month. But it is allowed to cash out up to 50 thousand rubles per day.
  2. Cash withdrawal was made through ATMs of other financial institutions, but the monthly limit of 100 thousand was not exceeded

In the following cases, there will be a fee of 1.9%, at least 99 rubles.

This is a cashout via:

  • MTS cash desks
  • ATMs of other banks in excess of the limit of 100 thousand rubles.
  • Cash desks of other financial institutions

How to apply for a Union Pay card at MTS Bank.  Overview of debit UnionPay from MTS

Money transfer

MTS fees for the Union Pay card depend on the type of transfer:

  • Through SBP from 100 thousand – 0.5%, but the limit is 1,500. Up to 100 thousand, there is no commission
  • From card to card through MTS devices – 1%, at least 50 rubles.

The maximum amount per day/month is 0.6/1.5 million, but the number of monthly transfers is limited to 50.


The operation does not require payment of commission if the replenishment is made:

  • From the card of another financial institution
  • From the account of physical faces
  • At the expense of legal persons up to 150 thousand monthly. If the limit is exceeded, the fee will be 5% of the difference. If you withdraw 200 thousand, 5% will be withdrawn from 50 thousand (200-150)

For SMS informing, you have to pay 59 rubles a month, but the first month the service is free.

How to apply for a Union Pay card at MTS Bank.  Overview of debit UnionPay from MTS

The procedure for issuing a UnionPay card from MTS Bank

At MTS Bank, you can apply for a UnionPay card through the organization’s website:

  • Fill out an application remotely
  • Waiting for an SMS confirming the readiness of the plastic
  • Visit the office with a passport
  • You receive a card and start using a payment instrument

Advantages of the UnionPay card

The advantages of the card for Russians are:

  • Payments in 180 countries
  • Use within the Russian Federation
  • Payment for goods ordered in domestic online stores. In the summer it will be possible to buy goods in foreign online stores
  • Free replenishment and cashing out

If the UnionPay card from the MTS bank organization suits you, hurry to apply on the company’s website!

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