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How do I pay with debit, credit and virtual cards in store and online?

A bank card is a payment instrument with which you can perform incoming and outgoing transactions on an account. Banks offer customers debit and credit cards, they can be plastic or virtual. If we consider the payment methods for credit and debit cards, they do not differ. Things are different with virtual cards. Consider in the article the actual payment methods and their differences.

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What are the payment methods for debit and credit cards?

A bank card is a universal payment instrument. In all banks, the card is issued to the client’s current account. It should be borne in mind that the numbers of the card account and the card do not match. Payment methods depend not only on the type of card (with a chip or magnetic stripe), but also on the technical capabilities of the pos-terminal. Consider all available payment methods.

Contactless payment without using a card

Paying for a purchase without having money and a bank card at hand is not so difficult today. With the help of the NFC module, you can make a payment with one touch, simply by bringing the phone, watch, payment ring or other device to the terminal.

Most modern gadgets support NFC. To make a payment, you will need to “link” the card in the application.


  1. Pick up a device with NFC.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select “Wireless networks” or the contactless payment function.
  4. After linking a bank card.

If everything is done correctly, then there will be no problems with payment.

Contactless payment using a card

A bank card is required to make a payment.. All you need to do is:

  1. Bring the card to the terminal.
  2. Wait how many seconds.
  3. Get notified: payment passed or rejected.
  4. Get a check.

This payment saves time.

The main rule is not to give a card to a store employee to make a payment. This is true if an employee asks for a card in order to pay in another room (referring that the Internet works better there).

Via QR code

First, QR codes appeared to provide additional information. For example, in a museum it was possible to read the code and get information about the presented painting or sculpture. After using the code, they began to pay for utilities. Now QR code allows you to pay for various goods and services.

To pay with a code, you need:

  1. Install the mobile application of the bank that issued the bank card.
  2. Go to the “Pay” section.
  3. Choose a method through a QR code.

If you need to pay using a QR code in a store, you need to turn on the camera and point it at the code. After that, the bank’s mobile application will automatically open, in which it remains to log in, select a card for payment and confirm the operation.

Through the magnetic strip

This is one of the first ways in which it was possible to pay with a card for goods. Every credit card has a magnetic stripe. This strip consists, as a rule, of three tracks, on which the information necessary for the bank is recorded.

To make a purchase you need to swipe the card through the reader in the terminal. It is located on the side of the terminal. After that, information about the successful debiting of money or refusal will appear on the screen. If you receive a refusal, you can retry the operation.

Via microchip reader

The method is suitable if the card does not support contactless payment. Would need insert the card into a special reader. In most cases, the operation is available after entering the pin code.

To enter a pin code, use the digital menu on the device. The entry is confirmed by pressing the green button.

How to pay with a virtual card?

To pay for goods, you need to install an application for contactless payment and add your card to it. After turn on NFC and make purchases in the store by bringing your phone or other gadget to the payment terminal.

You can also make purchases by paying with a QR code. The only thing that needs to be done is to install the bank’s mobile application. You can download it on the official website of the bank for free. Login and password are also issued free of charge at the bank, or after self-registration in your personal account.

How to pay by card online?

There are several ways to pay by card, via the Internet. These methods are suitable for debit, credit and virtual cards.

How to pay online:

  1. Through a QR code. It is necessary to read the code from the phone or computer screen and confirm the operation.
  2. By entering card details. Usually, you should specify the card number, expiration date and CVC code.
  3. By details. Relevant if you pay for utilities, loans, etc. You will need to enter your personal account and create a payment using the details. The main thing is to indicate them correctly, otherwise it will not be possible to return the money immediately.
  4. Through the seller’s website, specifying the requested payment information.

Important! For security reasons, you do not need to save card data in the browser.

What is the fee for paying by card

Payment systems charge a fee for conducting a debit transaction from the cardholder. Usually, when paying in a store through a terminal, the commission is repaid at the expense of the seller.

Through the Internet you can buy or pay without commission:

  • Product;
  • mobile communications;
  • Internet;
  • taxes;
  • Penalties.

Other payments may be charged commission in the amount of 0.1-3% of the amount. For example, when paying for a loan through a personal account, the cardholder, after entering the amount to be repaid, can see the amount of the commission for the operation.

Comparison table by card payment methods

In conclusion, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the comparative table, which presents the similarities and differences between the listed payment methods.

Comparison table:

Payment Method / ConditionThe need to confirm the operationMust have a phone with an appAvailable payment in transportOnline payment availableSupports non-store payment
Contactless without a cardUsually up to 5000 r. not necessaryYesYesNotNot
Contactless with cardNotYesNotNot
Via QR codeYesYesYesYes
Through the magnetic stripEntering a pin codeNotNotYesNot
Via microchip readerNotNotYesNot
Virtual cardUsually up to 5000 r. not necessaryYesYesNotYes

Note! The time for writing off money in all cases does not exceed a few seconds.

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