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GGsel site reviews – check ggsel.com

GGsel is a site where we can buy various accessories for computer games, in particular, accounts, keys, currency, and so on.

This is a large service, and there is nothing strange in its existence, given the level of development of the gaming industry. It also cannot be said that this is a 100% scam, for the simple reason that GGsel is more of a marketplace where third-party sellers work. They exhibit certain goods, and the site, in fact, eliminates itself without accepting any claims. And there are a lot of these claims, given what is happening here.

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GGsel – project overview

We see a large site, which, moreover, has existed for five years. At the same time, the site says that the experience is 12 years. It is not clear where and what kind of work experience local admins have, but GGsel does not work that much directly, and we are being deceived.

So, GGsel is a store of accounts and keys. Other items will also be available here. We, as visitors, can take part in all this action in two ways. The first is the buyer. Selects the desired product, go to the payment page, pay, receive your order. The second is the seller. We add our digital product to the platform, wait for the buyer, and receive money. Everything seems to be simple.

It is also important to claim your product because scammers often steal it.

GGsel site reviews - check ggsel.com - Seoseed.ru

[email protected]

In general, despite the presence of e-mail, the emphasis in contact information is on Telegram. In fact, all communication should go through this messenger. Including cooperation with the service.

Customer reviews and complaints

GGsel has indeed been working for far from the first year. This leads to the fact that the project has a huge number of reviews. However, these reviews are mostly negative.

GGsel site reviews - check ggsel.com - Seoseed.ru

In addition to the traditional accusations of fraud, customers also try to explain what is wrong with this site. To summarize everything briefly, the problem of GGsel is that this site not only does not monitor the scammers who trade here, but also encourages them in every possible way. Apparently, he has some income from this. Therefore, GGsel frankly does not care about its visitors and customers.

GGsel is the most anonymized platform. All communication with the administration is in text mode. There are names, but it is far from a fact that these people are real.

The domain owner is hidden. There are no phone numbers or addresses.

Also, very importantly, there is no legal information. It’s sort of like a marketplace, but on what basis it works is not clear. Apparently, they were created by private individuals who, of course, are not responsible for anything.

GGsel is a scam

The essence of deception is that only scammers sell here. Or used keys, or stolen accounts, and so on. You will not get a quality product, and even for such ridiculous money. Discounts up to 96% are offered here – what can we even talk about here.

GGsel site reviews - check ggsel.com - Seoseed.ru

One of the methods of divorce is the transfer of data for a stolen account. And you still need to go into it. And if you miraculously entered, then you will only have to play offline, since when you connect to the network, the system will instantly determine that it is stolen. Such a pleasure.

Buying accounts and keys on the GGsel website is a bad decision. This service offers to trade everything, including outright scammers. There is no moderation, people lose their money and do not get what they expect. Deception.

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