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Germans call for defense minister to resign – EADaily, May 14, 2022 – Politics, Europe News

The vast majority of Germans are in favor of the resignation of the current Minister of Defense of Germany, Christine Lambrecht. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological survey conducted by the Institute INSA commissioned by the tabloid Bild.

More than 55% of respondents unequivocally answered the question about the need for the resignation of the current head of the Ministry of Defense, 26% of respondents said they were not sure of the appropriateness of such a measure, but were inclined in favor of this decision. Only 19% of study participants said they see no reason to resign. More than 1,000 people took part in the representative survey.

While the tabloid-commissioned study does not shed light on citizens’ opinions about the specific reasons for the resignation, numerous videos taken during Lambrecht’s official speeches do. The details of one of the minister’s recent statements are given by Der Spiegel.

When announcing that Germany intended to buy American F-35 fighters, the minister did not look up from a sheet of pre-prepared text, important fragments were highlighted in orange. “At some point, she briefly stumbled when talking about the “next generation fighter” (Next Generation Fighter). It’s a difficult word, and besides, it’s in English. Unfortunately, Lambrecht does not speak English,” ironically Der Spiegel.

“Everything else will now be explained by the Air Force Inspector,” Lambrecht continued. Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, one of the six inspectors that make up the highest command body of the Bundeswehr, stood silently in his blue general’s uniform next to the minister. Lambrecht looked at her note. Yes, Ingo Gerhartz. That’s his name, ”the publication reports the details of the speech. According to Der Spiegel, anyone who asks Department of Defense employees these days about the effectiveness of interacting with their boss is regularly sent a video of this scene as a response. In just a few seconds, this fragment removes any questions about how the head of the ministry, who has not learned the names of the key persons of the Bundeswehr in six months, performs the task assigned to her.

According to Die Welt, details of the minister’s private life and cases of Lambrecht’s abuse of his powers are increasingly getting into the headlines of the newspapers. In the most important days for the future of the Bundeswehr, the head of the Ministry of Defense is forced to make excuses for why, during the inspection of troops stationed in northern Germany, she decided to take her 21-year-old son with her on a working trip. The day after staying overnight at the hotel, Lambrecht and her son set out in a government car on a private trip to the nearby island of Sylt. “I understand that this causes criticism and I will try to avoid such accusations,” the minister later said in an interview with FAZ.

Despite the incident with the son’s flight in a government helicopter and accusations of incompetence, the German Chancellor spoke out in defense of the minister. Olaf Scholz. “I am convinced that when people look back three years from now, they will say: “She is the Minister of Defense, who made sure that the Bundeswehr was finally properly equipped,” the head of government said in an interview with T- online. To the remark that this was a bold statement, the chancellor replied firmly and succinctly: “No.” Considering that it was Scholz who insisted last fall on the candidacy of Lambrecht, who also represents the Social Democratic Party of Germany, it would be strange to expect a different answer from the head of government. On the other hand, with such support, the cancer risks shaking his own already weak positions.

Along with the energy agenda, the modernization of the Bundeswehr is currently the most important project of the ruling coalition. How the work of the government will be assessed on the eve of the next elections to the Bundestag depends largely on the activities of Lambrecht, the Minister of Defense, who on Wednesday on the air of the ZDF television channel asked to understand that it is no less “important for her to maintain contact with the child.”

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