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FxPulp – real customer reviews

Carefully! FxPulp is suspected of fraud!

It is extremely difficult to benefit from trading currencies and other assets now, since 99% of brokers work in the kitchen, doing banal robbery. Even if a broker operates officially, has a license, has been on the market for years, offering good trading conditions, this is not a guarantee that there will be no tricks on his part.

A striking example of an intermediary company that offered cooperation beautifully and attractively, worked for a long time, but turned out to be a banal scam is the FxPulp office. This intermediary company has collected a lot of negative reviews on the network, therefore, the reputation of FxPulp is far from being the most positive, and many customers from the company did not even wait for one payment. In the reviews about the FxPulp company, clients revealed many negative aspects of its work, and after the office closed, they did not stop writing negative reviews about it, because the broker successfully threw many people for money.

Brief information about trading offers and FxPulp operation

Closely and in detail examining the work of FxPulp, it can be noted that the company was founded in 2008, it was registered in Cyprus, where the exchange trader received a license from a financial regulator. On FxPulp, clients were allowed to choose between two trading terminals – CC Trader and MetaTrader4. Trading on the broker’s website could be carried out at any time of the day, and the company allowed the use of terminals on computers and mobile devices, so that traders always had access to financial markets at hand.

FxPulp - real customer reviews

A detailed review of the intermediary company FxPulp allows you to find out that traders on the site were ready to guarantee complete security of work, the safety of personal and payment information. FxPulp was listed as a participant in the compensation fund, which should have been a kind of insurance for clients, but judging by their feedback, this did not happen.

Although the company is foreign, the FxPulp website also worked in the Russian version, and domestic traders could also receive technical support in their native language. Considering further the real trading conditions presented to clients on FxPulp, we can tell the following facts about them:

  • the broker did not set the minimum deposit amount for entry for beginners, which allowed everyone to decide on their own how much he was willing to risk;
  • on FxPulp, orders are executed using pass-through processing technology, which gives traders numerous advantages;
  • the broker cooperates with proven liquidity providers, which also allows you to achieve good results;
  • spreads and commissions on FxPulp are lower than those of competitors, this allows traders to earn more;
  • the broker organized an affiliate program for active traders, opening up opportunities for them to earn extra money;
  • technical support at FxPulp is organized around the clock;
  • traders will be able to use a training trading account on the broker’s website for free;
  • clients can trade micro-lots, there is a maximum leverage of 1:500;
  • on FxPulp it is possible to open a trading profile in rubles, dollars, euros;
  • the broker allows you to replenish your account and withdraw funds using a bank transfer, cards, wallets;
  • Among the trading assets of FxPulp, clients will be able to find stocks, currencies, metals, indices, and oil.

The broker presented 4 real trading profiles to the attention of clients, however, judging by their reviews, such a variety did not impress anyone, because numerous problems were noted during the cooperation.

FxPulp - real customer reviews

If the FxPulp client chooses a Micro account to work with, he will be able to decide how much he wants to deposit for trading, the maximum leverage is 1:500. When choosing a Mini account on the broker’s website, you will need to deposit at least $50, and clients will also be offered to work with a leverage of 1:200. Choosing a Standard account on the FxPulp website, traders will need to replenish a deposit in the amount of $500 or more, and the firm will offer them a leverage of 1:300.

The broker presented the fourth account on its website at the VIP level, many additional opportunities open up for its owners, but the minimum deposit will be in the amount of $100,000. The owners of this profile on FxPulp are ready to be offered a leverage of 1:100, but judging by the feedback from customers, such a “generosity” of the broker did not cause them enthusiasm.

If you carefully study the reviews of FxPulp clients, you can understand that the proposed and real trading conditions do not match, and it is impossible to withdraw money at all, or at first they simply make the minimum payment in order to gain confidence in traders.

Why did the broker get blacklisted? Signs of a scammer on the site

In order to understand the true reasons for the negative attitude towards the presented broker on the part of clients, the review of the company was carried out in depth, it was necessary to consider aspects of its activities from all sides. Having considered all aspects of FxPulp’s work, having studied the content of client reviews and additional sources of information, we managed to identify the following reasons, because of which the exchange trader was called a deceiver:

FxPulp - real customer reviews

  • FxPulp recently went out of business, having completely failed to fulfill its obligations to clients, leaving many traders with empty pockets;
  • the broker was in no hurry to withdraw money to traders, which was written in angry reviews on the network for years;
  • on FxPulp, they made a one-time payment in order to pump out more finances from the trader, and when it came to withdrawing a large amount, client requests were simply ignored;
  • representatives of FxPulp pestered traders with annoying calls several times a day, persistently urging them to make a larger deposit, which a decent broker would not allow himself to do;
  • in the reviews, they often complained that the company manipulated transactions, did not close orders on time, and took additional measures to make traders lose money;
  • On FxPulp, successful traders were blocked from accessing their personal account for no reason.

If you read numerous customer reviews, conduct a full review of them, then you can understand that the broker in question did not interfere with official registration and a license to engage in dirty deeds, throwing traders for money. Representatives of FxPulp were engaged in dishonest deeds, then they cleverly managed to turn everything around in a way that was beneficial for them, and writing negative reviews about the company did not help clients get their money back.

FxPulp - real customer reviews

The negative reputation of FxPulp has been building up on the network for years, because the broker managed to deftly scam customers for money, luring new payments out of them. Problems with the withdrawal of money and other unpleasant moments in the work of the company will not be forgotten for a long time by those who left thousands of dollars to the scammers, having failed to restore justice and punish the black broker.

Review of the site of a dishonest stockbroker

If you conduct a full review of the site where the FxPulp office worked, then now you can find out that the broker has really ceased to be active. Despite the lack of active work on the part of FxPulp at the time of writing this article, we managed to find out the following data about the official website of the broker and its features:

FxPulp - real customer reviews

  • FxPulp address on the World Wide Web – http://www.fxpulp.com/;
  • the time of registration on the network of the Forex broker website – the official resource FxPulp began to function in 2008 on October 3, the domain update was fixed in 2021 on August 2;
  • information about the owner of the FxPulp website – registration of the official website of the presented broker is private;
  • FxPulp contacts and feedback from traders – customers were presented with the Cypriot office address Katsounotou Street No. 3, Kitallides Building, 3rd floor, Office 3A, 3036 Limassol, Cyprus, EU, phone +357 25 366324, internal chat.

Now the broker’s contacts are unavailable, it is impossible to contact FxPulp representatives, because the office has ceased to exist, but they continue to leave negative reviews about it, since many traders have not returned the funds from the exchange trader.

What do clients think of the stock trader? Monitoring reviews from the network

Considering the reviews of the presented broker on various resources, we can conclude that the FxPulp company was founded from the very beginning for lies, scammers and a banal collection of finances from clients. All the work of FxPulp was organized in such a way that traders were guaranteed to lose their finances, but the broker had nothing to do with it at all, because this trick allowed the scammers to stay afloat for a long time.

FxPulp - real customer reviews

In the reviews, it was often noted that even the professionalism of traders did not help to make money on FxPulp, since the broker did not intend to pay at all. In almost every client review, one essence is captured – traders were dissatisfied with cooperation with FxPulp, respectively, other users were advised to stay away from the broker. If you take a closer look at the essence of reviews about FxPulp, you will understand that at each stage of cooperation, the broker prepared tricks for clients, which led to considerable financial losses.

Real clients of the broker wrote a lot of negative reviews about FxPulp, but positive reviews about this exchange trader cannot be found at all. It cannot be called strange that positive reviews about FxPulp cannot be found on the net, because no one will praise outright swindlers. If clients are scammed, then they obviously cannot write that they liked the cooperation and everything is fine, so you should also pay attention to comments when choosing a stock trader for permanent work.

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