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Franchise Soprano Capital – customer reviews about the company

Soprano Capital is a franchise from the company of the same name, which will help us attract investments with access to international markets.

The bottom line is that a franchise gives us the opportunity to cooperate with customers and partners from Europe, as well as the USA. It is clear that this greatly expands the prospects for your business. At the same time, it is indicated that the Soprano Capital franchise is focused on small and medium-sized businesses, although one can safely argue with this statement. Excellent conditions are promised, the company takes on up to 80% of the tasks necessary to establish such a business. Is this really the case – let’s find out.

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Soprano Capital – project features

Soprano Capital is a company that has a classic bad and inconvenient site for such projects, which is, in fact, a huge one-pager. Until you read to the end, you will forget what happened at the beginning. Therefore, this is a negative point. It is also not clear where the official website of the company is, because this one was created specifically for the promotion of the franchise.

Another incomprehensible point is the presence of several identical sites. And the site on the soprano-capital.com domain for some reason does not open. On the net, you can find references to the fact that Soprano Capital had many sites that are closed from time to time.

Here we are offered a business with a guaranteed flow of customers under a contract. We will be able to earn from 445,000 to 710,000 rubles per month by attracting investments for small and medium-sized businesses.

Soprano Capital franchise - customer reviews about the company - Seoseed.ru

There is a detailed calculator that tries in every possible way to convince us of a quick return on investment, as well as a solid and stable income, which will definitely be. We remind you that Soprano Capital guarantees us a flow of clients, which automatically means guarantees for profit.

There is a company case, but it is extremely problematic to check its reality.

8 (800) 333-54-68

Contact information is presented in the form of the specified phone number and address in Kazan. The legal address of the company is in Moscow, so we can assume that they also have an office in Kazan.

Customer reviews and complaints

Feedback on the activities of Soprano Capital is mixed. There are both positive and negative comments. The positive aspects include, for example, the fact that everything is ready here, it is enough to buy a finished model and earn money. To the negative – the presence of significant costs, including additional ones.

Soprano Capital franchise - customer reviews about the company - Seoseed.ru

The franchise of an international consulting company with offices in Europe and the USA is offered by a small company founded in 2017. We do not see an international consulting company.

In addition, it is said that they have been attracting investments for 6 years, but the office itself is only five years old.

The site itself is much less – about a year. All reviews began to appear only recently. This accounts for the fact that Soprano Capital does not have a proven track record.

Soprano Capital franchise - customer reviews about the company - Seoseed.ru

At the same time, in order to get a guaranteed flow of partners, you will need to seriously invest. For example, pay a lump-sum fee and invest in opening an account. All this will cost more than a million rubles. Therefore, the focus on small businesses is very doubtful, since such amounts can be unbearable for such entrepreneurs.

It is not recommended to cooperate with the Soprano Capital franchise, high costs and the same high risks.

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