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Feedback reviews – http os cons ru

Feedback – HYIP positions itself as a state one. Offers to make money on a franchise. How true the assurances of the developers will show a detailed review of the project.

general information
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• Feedback – government order
• FEEDBACK – online franchise
• OS franchise – VK reviews
• Feedback – bred

• official website: http://os-cons.ru/
• technical support: by electronic form

Project legend

Feedback new state. the project offers to make a profit on legal terms. Cooperation promises to achieve the set goals in the shortest possible time.

Beginners will be able to realize their own capabilities, understand the power of the proposal, its realism. Advanced users will follow the well-trodden path, achieve results in proven ways.

The company conducts legal activities, assures that project participants are 100% protected from risks. The developers have provided for the mobility of work. Becoming participants in the project, users get access to opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Beginners and pros can count on round-the-clock support and other help from the admins. The team works openly and transparently and is ready to provide advice at any time.

Feedback reviews - http os cons ru

Technical part Feedback

It has been 3 years since the launch of the project. Since then Feedback has become professional. The team has been replenished with a staff of qualified employees who are able to provide practical advice and other assistance.

The latest statistics show that registered users can participate in 10-15 auctions per week, become users of popular government orders.

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Verified earnings Our Telegram channel The return on orders is 100%. In addition to the above, Feedback participants are insured against losses. Beginners can look forward to training.

Participation does not imply monetary costs for starting your own business, renting premises and hiring employees. You don’t have to think. Qualified feedback specialists will do this for you.

They do most of the work. Users need to pay for the contract, the total cost of which is 339 thousand rubles.

When participating in bonus promotions and receiving a discount, the cost of the contract may amount to 269 thousand rubles. The interest rate is 4%.

Feedback reviews - http os cons ru

Signs of divorce in the project

The company has made it possible for potential participants to believe the promises that the customer base will be replenished with newcomers. At the same time, the project does not work in tandem with legislation.

There are signs confirming the facts of a scam:
• the project claims to be state-owned, while hiding legal information from its own participants – the state never does this with its people
• the company is represented by a team of competent specialists, while no one has seen their photo, biography, specialization and type of work
• the project hides the true year of formation, does not paint the state. projects, tries to advise individually, as discreetly as possible, how truthful government orders the experts failed to understand
• the proposed proposals are not documented, make you think about the imagination of the creators
• news information and offers are not provided in real time, contain grammatical errors, which is unacceptable for public servants

The pros suggest that Feedback is a scam, you should not trust it 100%.

Feedback reviews - http os cons ru

Comments about working with Feedback

The company is new in the domestic market. The legality of the activity is not documented. From the point of view of experts, it does not inspire confidence. The number of reviews in Internet resources is minimal. The pros insist to trace the activity, re-check for the fact of a scam. The risks of losing capital completely are very high.


Feedback – state. The project has signs of a scam. You should not trust the developers 100%. Experts recommend paying attention to official trusted sites, wait until this one is promoted and only then make a decision.

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