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Fast Trade MT5

This trading panel was designed for fast and comfortable work in the financial markets. It comes with the necessary purposes for manual and semi-automatic trading. thanks to the functions of monitoring orders, monitoring stop and automatic closure by capital, gain, time, you can automate your trading system. You may only have to open a place and place the tracking parameters, the Expert Advisor will do the rest for you. If you want to limit your losses, set automatic closing on funds, when this level is attained, all positions will be automatically closed. If you trade very actively, you can use “hot keys” that allow you to quickly open a certain type of position, close a certain type of position, or all at once.

  • Works on any type of account and with any broker.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • You can move around the workspace and place it in any convenient place.
  • When restarting, it remembers its location and entered parameters.
  • Consumes a minimum of PC resources.
  • “Hot keys” – You can assign any hot keys to open / close a position / positions, except for those that are predefined in the terminal itself.
  • Instant response of the program to pressing ” Hot keys”
  • Enter the trading volume using the numeric keys – The EA has a built-in function that intercepts keystrokes. This is done to enter the trading volume, when trading using “Hot Keys” without having to call the “Open position” dialog box. How does it work? Let’s say you have entered a volume of 0.50, and you need 0.75. In this case, just press the number keys 75. It’s incredibly convenient! Watch the video demo to get a better understanding of how it works.
  • Main Menu-Displays the status of the functions “Trailing stop”, “Trailing orders”, “Automatic closing” and has control buttons to open the necessary dialog boxes. The main menu can be hidden from the chart using the “M” hotkey. In the upper part of the window there are buttons to open the “Information” window and the “Settings” settings of the Expert Advisor.
  • Settings – General trading settings. Here you can also set up hotkeys for opening, closing positions by type or all. It is important! If “All Symbols” is checked in the “Close position” dialog box? when closing positions using hotkeys, the positions of the selected type on all symbols will be closed.
  • Information – Information window. It is important! Order data is displayed only for the current symbol or for all if the All Symbols option is selected in the “Delete order” dialog box. Profit and position data are also displayed depending on the All Symbols item in the “Close position”dialog box.
  • Open “Open position” – Used to open a” Buy “or”Sell” position. The selection of the volume to be opened can be set either manually or calculated automatically based on “Percent” as a percentage of available funds.
  • Close position-Allows you to manually close positions of a certain type on the current symbol, or on all of them at once, if the “All Symbols” option is selected. This window also allows you to set automatic closing of positions and removal of orders (if selected) by profit, funds, time or a combination of them. The closure of profit is as follows. If at the moment your profit is for example 350, and you set the value 200, the Expert Advisor understands that it is necessary to close when the profit falls to the value 200. In the event that you set close at 500? when the current profit is 350, the EA will wait for the profit to grow to 500. Closing for “Equity” is calculated in the same way. It is important! Profit is considered only on the current symbol, if the “All Symbols” checkbox is unchecked. If this option is selected, the profit will be calculated for all symbols.
  • Set orders-Used for placing a pending order, a grid of orders.
  • Del orders-Delete pending orders from the current chart or from all of them at once if the “All Symbols” option is selected»
  • Trailing stop – Allows you to set one of three types of trailing stop.
  • Trailing order – Trailing orders-orders following the price. When trailing orders, their structure is preserved!
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Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester, due to technical limitations!

You can download the demo version here.

Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester, due to technical limitations!

You can download the demo version here.

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